29 January 2009

New Releases 29 Jan

Red Rose™ Publishing
~ January 29, 2009 ~
New Releases


Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Comedy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-282-5

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Who knows the magic in a simple kiss?

When Lucy Fox agreed at her mom’s deathbed to care for her invalid dad, she had no idea her commitment would spell loneliness. Approaching thirty with no hint of romance in her life, Lucy’s soul yearns for that fabled fairy prince to rescue her.

Thom Hill arrives on the scene, looking and acting more like an ugly frog than the princely character Lucy dreams of each night. But who knows the magic in a simple kiss? So, if you knew a wonderful strong handsome hero of a man was just one kiss away, would you do it?

Would you kiss a frog? Lucy did and GOLDIE’S BEAR tells what she got for her effort.


Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-235-1

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What happens when things seem to be too good to be true?

Alex, a workaholic corporate executive, bent on controlling and orchestrating every second of her life, is on the verge of having it all. Her dream job right is right at her fingertips, she is finally healing from the death of her father, and then the perfect man enters the picture.

Daniel seems too good to be true. Alex wants to trust him but feels she can't, after all, what man can be trusted? But Daniel chips away at her tough exterior, and as soon as she lets her guard down, her beliefs are confirmed. Daniel is not what he appears to be and he becomes the catalyst that sparks an unusual turn of events that causes her world to come crashing down.

Because of him, life as she knows it, turns three hundred and sixty degrees.


Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-230-6

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Loki has stolen an amulet from Tyr, the god of war. Odin has sent Thor to Midgard to retrieve his brother and bring him back for punishment. In Midgard Loki finds himself in the mind of Lord Tyrone Barrington. Dr. Keith Hammer is owner of Hammer Inc. a small, but profitable lab. He was chosen to be the host for Thor while he is in Midgard.

The humans are caught between the fight of good and evil between the gods and the gods are along the ride while the humans fight for the formula that will make their companies grow.

Who will come out on top when all the fighting is done?

BOSS MAN by Marie Rochelle

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-286-3

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"Why am I wasting my time?"

Those are the six words Fancy Shayne thinks every time when she sees the sexy rancher Maxwell Reed. Everyone thinks she took a job working at CrossStar ranch because of the paycheck, but that isn't the truth. She was head over heels in love with the big hunky cowboy, but he only saw her as his employee.

Maxwell Reed didn't know what had gotten into him hiring the delectable Fancy Shayne to work for him. Every time her big brown eyes looked at him, it made him weak in the knees. It was hard for him to be in love with a woman who only saw him as her boss.


Erotic Romance: Paranormal (Vampire)
ISBN: 978-1-60435-285-6

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Is revenge stronger than the thirst, the first taste of passion?

Vampire assassin Marcus has waited hundreds of years to avenge the death of his Prince. Princess Kayla is determined to bring her brother's killer to Vampire justice.

But what will happen when both Kayla and Marcus find themselves caught in the human world with a Vampire enemy who must be destroyed?

Two Vampires, one passionate attraction and a dangerous thirst for revenge. What more could you want?

DANGER, WORD GAMES! by Eve Summers

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Comedy, Holiday (Valentine's Day)
ISBN: 978-1-60435-287-0

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She is disillusioned with love, romance and men who are Mr Almost-Right. She loves words, true words that shine. All she gets from men are clichés straight from Mills and Boon, cheap words meant to loosen her morals or her purse strings.

She is disillusioned with love, until a younger man says to her: "My favourite opening line is Suck my -"

~ New in Print ~


ISBN: 978-1-60435-928-2

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Something strange is going on in Grooster, Indiana. Nightly Satanic rituals in the park and the infusion of drugs into the community have everyone on edge. When Clancy Rogers tries to find out what’s going on she bumps up against a weird and wacky cast of characters, including a palm raping psychic, an irreverent reporterette with serious fashion hang-ups, and a local veterinarian who looks like he was dropped to Earth from the planet Zorgon and holds conversations with his patients on a regular basis. Add to this mix a guy who looks really hot in tight jeans and scuffed boots, but who unfortunately likes to follow all the rules Clancy keeps stomping on, and you have trouble in Grooster with a capital T…a…d!

SKIN DEEP by Marilyn Lee

ISBN: 978-1-60435-965-7

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Jake gets far more than he bargains for when he agrees to allow his sister-in-law to set him up on a blind date with one of her coworkers. Even though Bree bears little resemblance to his ideal woman, Jake soon finds himself unable to stop pursuing the full- figured enchantress. When Bree plays hard to get, Jake realizes he'll have to work hard to tame his ebony temptress before she turns the tables on him.

BLINDSIDED by Marie Rochelle

ISBN: 978-1-60435-901-5

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If you can not do the time do not do the crime!

Las Vegas Detective Lindow Woods assigned to the Narcotics Division, takes his job very seriously. He believes if you do the crime you should do the time. So, he gets pissed off when she, his ideal woman, strolls into the courtroom. He didn’t want to be attracted to her, but he can’t help it. She was everything he wanted in a woman: beautiful, intelligent and damn hot. He had never been blindsided by a woman until now.

Spunky attorney Daria Jacobs has never backed down from any case. She loves to win and agrees to take on her cousin’s case in Las Vegas to help him out of a crime he wasn’t guilty of. Yet, she wasn’t prepared for fireworks that happen when she meets Detective Woods.

Who will be policing who? The detective or the attorney?

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22 January 2009

New in Print January 22

Red Rose™ Publishing
~ New in Print ~

FOOD FOR THE GODS by Camille Anthony

Erotic Romance: Rubenesque/BBW, Paranormal, Menage
ISBN: 978-1-60435-184-2

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Is Daphne only a sacrifice in the way of life or is there more to it?

Former princess Daphne lingers in Croapolis to render what aid she can to the townspeople. Too late, she finds herself a pawn in her evil uncle’s plan to sacrifice her in place of his wicked daughter. Daphne is a loyal follower of Poseidon and willingly offers her body to the Kraken—three shape-shifting godlings sent to devour her.

But the Kraken, the three sons of Poseidon, have other plans for Daphne. They’ll devour her, all right, and when they finish, they’ll do it again and again, until she dies the “little death”.

Ambrosia never tasted so rich...

BLOOD AND HONEY by Melissa Glisan

Erotic Romance: Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery, BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60435-908-4

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After giving up the hunt for Mr. Right following a disturbing night on the town, Barbara Koffler feels driven to find her former best-friend: a friend who has become her phantom savior. But in her attempts to look up Marlene, she discovers more than she can handle: a missing person that no one missed, Thibou a darkly sensual man that walks through mirrors and maybe, just maybe, her soul-mate in sexy cop Cal Simmons. The question is…which man is the right one?

Decisions, decisions…Which man is the right one, or is that the wrong one, for Barbara? Should she play with fire and the bad guy or seek safety in the arms of the law? Finding her friend turns into a race against the clock –for her! Can Barbara save herself and make the right choice?

How far can you be intimidated? Find out with Blood and Honey!


Erotic Romance: Contemporary, BDSM, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-917-6

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Is the Sheikh’s kink more than Honor can handle or will she be the one spooning it out?

When Honor Blackwell is offered a fortune to collect an emerald necklace from a dangerous jewel thief, she is in no position to turn it down. She’s just parted from her lecherous boss telling him that only her vibrator gets her off. The sad thing is that it’s true.

The chance for a little adventure is too tempting to pass up. But things don’t go as planned. When the naked hunk catches her rifling his room, his frank sensual appraisal makes her formerly suppressed hormones sit up and take notice. She goes along with his assumption that she’s a birthday present sent by his brother.

Sheik Alexander Kahn on vacation in his tiny villa on a remote Greek Isle isn’t sure what to make of the pretty thief he finds in his bedroom. But he does know that he intends to keep her; at least until he finds out what game she’s playing. She isn’t the first thief that’s tried to steal one of his company’s creations but she is the most alluring. A blushing almost virgin that smolders with hidden fires when he touches her and makes her come.

After a night of newfound sexual pleasure in the dominant man’s arms, Honor runs, only to have him catch her. When he takes her over his knee, she melts shocked that it turns her on. Thrown together for a steamy weekend they open up to each other, while Alex teaches her all his favorite kinky tricks. She knows he’s still keeping secrets but she decides to enjoy him anyway.

EMERALD CITY by Melody Knight

Erotic Romance: Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60435-933-6

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Loving, lustful…living? How will she exorcise this spirit she has loved for so long? How do you "dump" a dead man?

Claudia has it all—a long-awaited opportunity to work in Berenike, the ancient Egyptian Emerald City; a colleague interested in pursuing their relationship further; the thrill of ancient artifacts mingled with new discoveries. Her paranormal episodes may even be an advantage here, offering her some insight into past events.

There's a part of her paranormal peculiarities that she'd like to leave behind, but he doesn't seem to be willing. Nigel, her spectral lover, has much more carnal interest that one would normally expect from the deceased. He's been visiting Claudia for six years, but Claudia wants a fresh start, particularly after meeting Carlton—CT—Sheffield. CT is an expert on Egypt, but he'd clearly like to become an expert on Claudia, too.

Now, Claudia must contend with two lovers vying for her favors—one living, and the other—unfortunately—dead.

Which would you choose?

SUMMER STORM by Marilyn Lee

Erotic Romance: Autumn Rose 40+, Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-956-5

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Is love better with a hot, young cover model?

Jill Parson is an unhappily, divorced 41-year-old, lonely, plump blonde whose twenty-three year marriage ended when her husband left her for a girl younger than their daughter. Jill's learned to be content with her collections of vibrators—until she falls into instant lust with Mr. July, the handsome male gracing centerfold of an erotic calendar.

Jill gets an opportunity to live her fantasy when she arrives home one afternoon to find the nearly naked, ebony-hued Mr. July in her bathroom. Jill seizes the unexpected opportunity and discovers that love with a younger man can as exciting and as unpredictable as a summer storm.


Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Comedy, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-940-4

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Will a dating service be the right place to find true love or will heartache ensue?

Shy legal assistant, Cindy Brown needs help in the dating department according to her friend Victoria who signed Cindy up for a dating service catering to wealthy executives.

Erick Redmund will be disinherited if he doesn’t find a suitable wife – and fast, so he hires the matchmaking service to find a nice wifely looking woman for him for a blind date in Marrakech, Morocco, where he is going to begin a business venture as an international film producer.

After romantic sunset dinners, camel rides and several misunderstandings threaten to tear their relationship apart, Erick and Cindy soon realize the road to Casablanca is paved with unexpected twists and turns.

Will they find the most incredible surprise of all – true love?

PAMPER ME by Marie Rochelle

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Holiday (Valentine's)
ISBN: 978-1-60435-903-9

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Why does everyone keep telling her that she needs a man?

That’s the question that keeps running through Nicey Johnson’s mind. She’s quite content running her matchmaking business Pamper Me and doesn’t want a man in her life. At least she thinks she is until a chance meeting with the blonde hunk in the parking garage.

Will Nicey take a chance on her blonde hunk or will she play it safe?

Spencer Carlton is tired of being asked out on dates because of aspiring actress wanting to get closer to his famous Soap Opera sister. That is why when he spots the gorgeous chocolate dipped beauty hurrying past his car he decides to lie about who he is when he asks her out on a date.

After a rocky starts Nicey starts to fall for Spencer but will all of it be ruined when she finds out his secret? Or can Spencer make Nicey forgive him in time to become his Valentine’s Day sweetheart?

WITH ALL MY HEART by Marie Rochelle

Mainstream Romance: Interracial/Multicultural, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-902-2

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Can the dark rainy nights reveal more than the wet or will the steam of Jason and Rayne become fogged up?

Successful and charismatic Doctor Jason Tuck has been dating his girlfriend off and on for years because he didn’t think he would find the perfect woman for him. Lisa was safe and he wasn’t in danger of losing his heart to her. He wasn’t ready to give his heart completely until he was sure he had found his soul mate… and one rainy night the woman he had been waiting for literally ran right into him.

Tamika "Rayne" Yardley doesn’t remember anything about the night the gorgeous blue-eyed Jason Tuck found her during the downpour on a dark street, but she know she wants to be with him more than anything in the world. But how can she move forward when her past is a blank and his ex-girlfriend is doing everything in her power to keep with them apart.

Is she destined to live without the man she loves or will Jason’s undying love for her make her whole?

FAN-TASY by Raven Starr

Mainstream Romance: Interracial/Multicultural, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-923-7

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Could she finally get close enough to attract his attention?

Star Morgan a beautiful young black woman that has a slight obsession with her childhood singer named Nathan Holmes. Nat is a tall tanned man with the voice of an angel and the body of an Adonis. Star has loved this man her entire life. She grew up listening to his voice and somehow knew he was the man for her. Tonight was her night to make her fantasy become reality.

Will her dreams come true? Or is her fantasy, just that? A fantasy.

PARTY GIRL INC. by Destiny Wallace

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-929-9

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Want to party hardy?

Ebony Harris is the owner of Party Girl, Incorporated. She makes a living planning parties. Ebony takes her job very seriously, no matter how much her assistant and best friend Jenna tries to get her to lighten up. Ebony is all business...until she meets Brock Huntington.

Brock thinks he's going to another boring wedding reception, but finds himself drawn to Ebony. He soon discovers that she's unlike any woman he's ever met.

Suddenly, Ebony's personal life clashes with her professional life. Can Brock convince her to finally put pleasure before business?

FOX & HOUND by Amber Leigh Williams

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60435-945-9

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In the world's most romantic city, fates collide in the most unexpected way and two of the world's most elusive jewel thieves are forever changed by a Louvre heist gone wrong.

After three years in prison, Todd goes after the woman who ruined his life, seeking revenge and the diamond she stole from him. He learns that Celestia doesn't have the diamond either. She was used by her partner, master thief Tito Bandero.

Todd and Celestia form an unlikely partnership to take back what is theirs and redeem themselves. Bandero is planning to steal three of the world's most coveted diamonds, but the ones he wronged—Fox and Hound—plot to take them first.

What Todd and Celestia don't count on? The power of attraction. When the quest grows dangerous, which will they choose: payback or each other?

More to Come

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15 January 2009

New Releases 15 Jan

Red Rose™ Publishing
~ January 15, 2009 ~
New Releases

GEORGIE'S BEAU by Shara Azod

Erotic Romance: Historical/Period, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-283-2

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Will society be able to accept the love that is no holds barred ?

Georgie had always been on the outside looking in. As the bastard daughter of the man who ran the local juke joint, there was little hope of a respectable life in store for her. Especially after she caught the eye of Beau Dupuis, son the richest man in all of South Georgia. All he could offer her is a nice house hidden away on his family's plantation, but Georgie yearned for more.

Beau had never had to wanted for a thing. He got what he wanted, and what he wanted was Georgie Willard. Beau would break all the rules, defy all of society just to be with her. Little did they both know what the fickle hands of fate had in store. Through war and strife, Beau would have to fight to keep Georgie's love.

AUCTIONED BRIDE by Victoria Chapman

Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-281-8

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Who will win the battle and who is going to win the war?

When Kathy Adams finds herself alone in a deserted building during a hurricane, the last thing she expects is to run into a stranger in the dark. He turns out to be a Peruvian billionaire who takes one look at her in the glare of his flashlight, and decides to add her to his collection of pretty toys. He offers her a dream job on his private island in the Caribbean, and their seduction dance begins.

He is handsome, arrogant, and thinks that every woman has a price. And she's a girl who won't be bought. She wants the real thing—she wants love. Paul Andros doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Kathy is falling for him against her better judgment, every instinct telling her to run. She'd never met his type of man before. Exciting, volatile and always in control. He uses sex as a weapon to leave her weak at the knees.

After one of their many fights, he bids for her at a charity auction, and pays three million dollars to teach her a lesson. The farm girl from Iowa, and the Inca King from Peru wage their final battle on their wedding night and find love and passion strong enough to bridge their differences.

Can hate turn to love? Find out if the Auctioned Bride…


Erotic Romance: Contemporary, GLBT (m/m), BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60435-280-1

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What can bring a strong career Marine to his knees?

Daniel Deveraux is a man of action. He doesn't allow his life to be complicated by anything or anyone. He left the Marines after deciding that the don't-ask-don't-tell policy was more than he could abide. He returned home in search of a simple life, one devoid of the insanity he'd endured in Iraq. Love for him was a distant dream.

Brandon Matthews is an exceptional man, both in body and in mind. His magnetic personality and exceptional good looks were an impenetrable wall behind which this damaged man safely hid. His journey found him working days as a carpenter, and nights as "eye candy" at a local gay bar.

The two men find themselves on a tumultuous journey of emotional and sexual revelation that threatens to destroy them both. The intense sexual relationship binds them in a way neither one expects.

The question remains—will the deep sexual bond bring the two men together in a deep and enduring love? Or will it destroy them?


Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-279-5

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Sarah Halliday returns to Wyoming to save the reputation of the man she left behind. She offers the sexy cowboy a deal—she'll pretend to come back to him until the talk dies down, then she'll be on her way.

Rafe Halliday plans to rope his runaway bride to him with bonds of love and sex. He thinks he's cooked up the perfect scheme to get Sarah back where he wants her—in his bed permanently. He isn't above telling a few white lies to achieve his objective.

SAMBURU HILLS by Jennifer Mueller

Mainstream Romance: Historical/Period
ISBN: 978-1-60435-251-1

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When Celeste Reed steps off the boat in the fledgling colony of Kenya, East Africa she finds out the man that she was to marry doesn't even care to get to know her let alone listen to a word she says.

Life is miserable and then he has the nerve to die leaving her to run an estate without any money. It seems he spent all he had to impress the colony and she was just part of the package.

Africa is unforgiving to the weak, but it can be the people that you least expect that make it.

And then there's Edward.

LUST OF A VAMPIRE by Belita Renn

Erotic Romance: Paranormal (Vampire)
ISBN: 978-1-60435-223-8

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Can the devil and the angel be one and the same?

Selean was dying from a form of Cancer so she commits suicide. As she is dying and angel arrives to take her away.

Only this angel turns out to be Raggar Vaul, a vampire that seems inclined to torture her. Then he claimed her as his own since he saved her life. He loves her with an unexpected passion that she is happy to enjoy, still she is his prisoner.

While adjusting to living in his castle, he never warns her therefore she is unprepared for the encounters with an evil that is determined to kill her when it attacks.

Will she survive or will the evil take over all?

New in Print

NO SEX NECESSARY by Jane Beckenham

ISBN: 978-1-60435-926-8

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Wife wanted - no sex necessary is the perfect job for Tara Palmer while for commitment-phobe Cole Charteris, the word marriage isn’t in his vocabulary. Until he meets Tara, the woman who answers an advertisement to pose as his fiancée. But playing a loving couple when there’s only blackmail doesn’t make for love everlasting…unless one of the rules of employment changes!


ISBN: 978-1-60435-946-6

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Will she be his baby’s momma or will she just leave him loving her?

Chris is jaded. Finally free from an abusive relationship, she has adopted a love-them-and-leave-attitude when it comes to men. The last thing she wants is to get involved emotionally with Kenneth, however she has no qualms pursuing a no strings attached relationship. After all, he’s drop dead gorgeous, with sexy deep blue eyes, and a personality that is off the charts charming.

Kenneth, however, has other plans. His quest is to mend a broken heart and make all her dreams come true.

The minute he saw Chris, he made his intentions clear that he wanted more than a casual affair. A straight shooter, Kenneth pursues Chris with a sometimes comical edge, but always with a determination to overcome their biggest obstacle – Chris’s steadfast refusal to believe that love at first sight is real and that he is serious when he says he loves her and is the man of her dreams.

But how do you convince someone, who has been hurt in the past, that the flame he’s carrying for you now is meant to give warmth and not to burn? Will he succeed at convincing her that when dreams come true nothing will be left of yesterday’s pain?


ISBN: 978-1-60435-941-1

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Chamberlain DeLaura finds herself taking a long awaited vacation and soon gets caught up in a white squall with the sail boat she’d rented. It’s not long before she realizes that she’s been transported into another time.

Caleb Blackthorn of Blackthorn castle finds a strangely beautiful woman running wild across his land and after capturing her, claims her for himself.

Can two people from different times find a love neither knew existed or will Veonna, an evil sorceress divide them forever?


ISBN: 978-1-60435-939-8

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Why is it that when you think you have it all figured out something always changes?

Beautiful redhead Laura Malone didn’t know much about her ancestral heritage, except what her grandmother told her growing up. To her surprise, her grandmother left her a special gift in her will that included an unexpected trip to Ireland to carry out her last wishes by following a trail that told the story of the love between her and Laura’s grandfather fifty years earlier.

What Laura didn’t expect was the real gift, John Ennis, who she would meet on the way and how following the path of her ancestors would lead her to find her own true love at last.

Is the gift more that she can handle or will it be just what Laura needed in her life?


ISBN: 978-1-60435-924-4

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Trying to escape into the night, Cara is not sure which of the men chasing her is the hero and which the villain. Will she find out before it is too late?

Cara Waters thinks she's the luckiest woman in the world. Hunky ex-football player Buck Tarrant has swept her off her feet. After promising her a trip to New Orleans, he suddenly took her to Mexico instead. While there Cara is disturbed to see fellow coworker Dave Burkhart following them - the same man who had been stalking her back home. Cara is terrified when Dave abducts her and bewildered when he accuses her of being a criminal. She is protesting her innocence when, before Buck can come and rescue her from Dave, both of them are found by real criminals—a dope grower and his private army. Cara and Dave barely escape as they run for their lives through the forbidding, dangerous Mexican jungle. Perhaps more dangerous is that they have to trust each other and forge an uneasy bond until they can return to civilization.

As they flee Cara realizes nothing is as it seems. She must fight for her life without really knowing why. Who is her enemy? Who will help her or even believe her?


ISBN: 978-1-60435-943-5

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Will the preconceived notions and stereotypes keep them apart or do opposites really attract?

Kasim has heard about a writer he thinks writes for a filthy rag, as he calls magazines that do personal stories. When he discovers that the daughter of the trainer his uncle is intending to use for his horses at Newmarket is that writer, he is scornful.

Cassie tries to persuade him she is fit to take over as a temporary trainer when her father needs time off for illness, but she isn't prepared for the love/hate relationship between them.

Can she convince Kasim that she isn't what he thinks – and can they overcome the differences between them?

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01 January 2009

New Releases 01 Jan

Red Rose™ Publishing

Happy New Year!!

All RRP ebooks are half off TODAY ONLY!

~ January 01 , 2009 ~
New Releases


Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Autumn Rose
ISBN: 978-1-60435-274-0

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Harlow Shelton’s return to college at the age of 37 contained everything she knew it would—spoiled student brats, overpriced textbooks, and moaning from her teenage daughter about how the classes were cutting into her social life. But nothing goes as expected when she orders a coffee from Park Avenue Brew. The cutie clerk had caught her eyes and lassoed her libido as well.

Luke Hudson liked working at the university center’s Park Avenue Brew booth. His father owned the company, and thought his son working the counter could dispel the nepotism rumors. Still, Luke would’ve liked some variety to his day. He gets it in the form of a luscious, older woman. Unable to forget the black beauty, he is stunned to find her sitting in his evening class.

Committed to making her his, Luke must convince Harlow he’s more than man enough to love her and her daughter, and mature enough to make her crazy with desire before he loses her forever.

WEEKEND CHASE by Laura Guevara

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Rubenesque/BBW, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-277-1

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What happens when lovers are separated with only cell phones and emails to keep them in contact? Well if you're Jayce and your man happens to be the red hot Carlos San Angel you start plotting ways to make your reunion even sweeter! They always say a man chases his mate until she captures him. Can Jayce tame her Latin lover? Will their passion set the San Antonio skyline ablaze? Find out, what happens when the two come together for a Weekend Chase?

THE LAST MACPHEE by Dana Littlejohn

Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-231-3

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Patrick MacPhee had lost everything: his family, his home, and the love of his life. He was the only one to survive the massacre of his family. During the long wait to avenge them he met Charlene and fell in love. With love in his life again he hesitates to do the duty he has patiently waited over a hundred years to do.

Will Charlene be the loophole that will allow him to have love and revenge?

PHOENIX RISING by Kaitlin Maitland

Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-279-5

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When a society wife and a bad boy go up in flames, what will rise from the ashes?

Jessa Kincaid is done with men. After nineteen years, her society husband has left her for a younger woman and Jessa can't even seem to care.

Connor Archuleta is done with women. His last relationship ended in betrayal, broken bones and jail time.

When Jessa strays into a bar named Phoenix Rising it sets off a chain reaction of unstoppable events. Inexplicably drawn to Connor, Jessa will have to decide whether or not she has the courage to shed her society wife exterior to embrace the bad boy she's been longing for. If, that is, bad boy Connor can drop his guard long enough to accept the woman he's been waiting for all his life.

ANGENI by Honey Jans

Erotic Romance: Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural, Mystery/Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-60435-278-8

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Angeni sings her songs with a passion that melts men's hearts, especially Kaus' when he discovers a voice like angels singing at an out of the way Casino. He is immediately on a mission to capture her heart and make her his. She sees him as arrogant, head strong and not her type. Why does he warm her center with the slightest glance in her direction? Angeni is a fledgling shape shifter who can transport herself when she shifts into her spider form. She finds controlling anything around Kaus is nearly impossible.

When her lecherous Casino boss breaks into her house one night, she flees into the woods, only to be run down by a large wolf. Fearing for her life, she soon discovers that the wolf meant her no harm. However the next day, she discovers the intruder dead, torn apart by a large animal.

Remembering the wolf she encountered in the woods last night, he haunts her mind. His eyes, they look familiar where has she seen them before?


Mainstream Romance: Historical/Period, Desert Rose, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-270-270-2

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Stolen, Kidnapped and Enslaved, what kind of life is this?

Born under suspicion Femi’s life drastically changes one night while gathering water for her father. Dragged from her home, thrown into slavery Femi must keep her wits as well as her fiery spirit if she wants to survive the wrath of Nicos the harem master.

But King Hansani has eyes for Femi. When a secret falls into his lap he will do anything to keep Femi safe.

But will he be able to keep her safe or will she be running for her life?

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DESTINY'S LOVE SONG by Debbie Fritter

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-931-2

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Simple living, always the perfect person or is Heather something more?

Heather Jones is your typical Wisconsin woman. She's down-to-earth and has always searched for a little something more in her life. A frustrated writer, she falls in love with the southern ways and decides to stay, hoping to break into the music business. Along the way she meets the man she’d destined to fall deeply in.

James Sheridan is the son of a legendary performer who, through his love of Heather, makes his way in the rough and unpredictable business of country music. His love for her is strong and their songs bring them almost to the top, until a Montana storm takes him out of her life.

Will their song be Destiny’s Love song or will they only hit the high notes rapidly falling to the low ones? Fading into the wind…

MOUNTAIN'S ECHO by Debbie Gould

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense, Action/Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60435-948-0

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Danger Maggie, Danger! Will betrayal be a thing of the past or part of the future?

Maggie and Jake had a past ten years ago that neither wanted to ever revisit. But when Maggie's brother, Scott, is severely wounded, Jake has to call Maggie for help.

After a ten year absence, Maggie and Jake are thrown together again in an intense struggle to save not only her brother, but themselves, as the men after Jake and Scott are closing in.

The two must find a way to work through the betrayal of the past and work together to save their future. Will betrayal be a thing of the past or part of the future?

LA PETITE MORTE by Carolyn Gregg

Erotic Romance: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-930-5

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Are you willing to indulge into your wildest fantasy?

Bria had just one wish, one desperate desire, and the only place she would be able to have it come true would be at the annual Midnight Fantasies Masquerade Ball.

It would be interesting to see if, given enough money, the hosts truly granted everyone’s wildest fantasy, as they promised, or if it was just meaningless hype.

After all, how many women attending wanted to die at the automated “hand” of a sex machine?

UNSPEAKABLE by Kayleigh Jamison

Erotic Romance: Regency, Historical/Period
ISBN: 978-1-60435-935-0

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Trevor Caufield has always prided himself on being a consummate rake...until a clandestine meeting with a mysterious, strangely silent woman in a darkened hallway. Setting out to pursue Emma Hatton with purely selfish intentions, he discovers emotions that transcend his formerly uncomplicated existence and teach him that true love has no need for words.

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