07 September 2012

Mickie Sherwood's Louisiana Ladies on Parade - IR Sensual Romances

Meet Louisiana Ladies unafraid of loving outside-of-the-box! They are smart, sassy, spunky and on the other side of thirty!
Love doesn't disappear at thirty. It flourishes!

Variety is the spice of life.


Red Rose Publishing Bestsellers!



Nicked Hearts - IR/PG13 - RRP Bestseller - Released February 10, 2011
Nicked Hearts Book Cover 
A Hawaiian escape is just what runaway K.C. Montreaux needs to mend her broken heart. Not the lies and deceit of her self-appointed rescuer. But—that’s not all Dr. Nick Hart supplies her.
Louisiana Hot Sauce - IR/PG13 - RRP Bestseller - Released March 18, 2010
 Louisiana Hot Sauce Book Cover
Reclusive Mesha Rayburn’s horrible secret keeps her shattered heart under lock and key. Can helicopter mechanic Jack Connolly break in to make the necessary repairs?





Like Slow Sweet Molasses - Coming to RRP December 2012!

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