08 February 2013

Character Interview with Lt. Brock "Chance" Alexander - NOPD

Lt. Brock "Chance" Alexander is a hard-a** with a soft heart!

Like Slow Sweet Molasses      

Still a Hot Seller!

Hear what he has to say in his interview.

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Teacher Angela Munso has lost control—of her spiraling life. She can control the fallout of recent news from whose loins she sprang as easily as she can her heart’s pitter-patter. To have feelings for a man who is everything she now wants to hate? That’s the last straw!

Lt. Brock "Chance" Alexander’s arrogance baits Angela. And—he knows it. It’s never so obvious to him as when she lobs that insulting phrase at the side of his head. She pushes all of his hot buttons. But, there’s one he dares her to touch—the one that pushes him out of her life.



I watched the reporter walk toward my office with her voice recorder already in hand. She seemed hesitant, at first. Like she was afraid to step over the threshold. I wondered what thoughts ran through her mind as she lingered in the doorway. Was that fear on her face? Then, I realized I probably looked like death warmed over. It had been a long night. And—the day promised to be just as long because the department authorized this interview for community PR reasons. "Come on in and have a seat," I said. Her eyes kept wandering to the knot on my jaw as she walked over. I touched it. It was still as painful as hell; probably still purple, too.

She dragged in and sat down, but right on the edge of her seat.

"I only have a few minutes to spare," I announced. I had to perform for the brass. They didn't say for how long. I propped my elbows on my desk, hands clasped and immediately regretted the move. I looked at them. My knuckles were scraped raw and meat-red. Small price to pay, I thought, to bring down a suspect. "First question."

She turned on her recorder, placed it on the desk right in front of my face and proceeded with the interview.

"What made you go into law enforcement, Lt. Alexander?"

I didn't have to think about that answer.

"I had no choice in the matter. A family crisis pushed me pretty close to crossing over to the wrong side of the law at an early age. I found myself facing the prospect of a lengthy stay in juvenile detention or a chance at rehabilitation with the caring family of a police officer. He took me under his wing, treating me like one of his own. I learned a lot from him, including his healthy respect for the law."       

"How does your wife feel about your profession?"

"My profession is my wife," I answered, realizing that was a sad statement to make.

"When was the last time you felt satisfaction on the job?"

"That's an easy question. I feel good every time a crime victim breathes a sigh of relief at the capture of a culprit."

"Why did you smile when you said that?"

That smile must have slipped out. I'll have to be cautious about that because thinking of Angel always makes me smile. "I didn't smile."

"But, you did, Lieutenant. Was it related to the incident that happened last night?"

Last night...I didn't want to think about last night anymore. To think about it was to admit that my professional life interfered with my personal life. To think about it was to admit that I had to be restrained by my fellow officers, or I would have beaten a man to a pulp. To think about it was to admit that I nearly lost Angela to a stray bullet...last night. I stood up from my desk, reached over to stop the recorder and went to the open doorway. "I believe that's all the time I have for questions. Duty calls."

She actually seemed relieved that the interview ended as quickly as it did. She gathered her things and strolled past me with a quiet "thank you". I shut my door, reclaimed my seat and Angel popped into my mind. Once again, I smiled.


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