24 April 2008

New Releases 24 April

Poseidon's SacrificePOSEIDON'S SACRIFICE
Sacrifices & Second Chances Series
Kendra Mei Chailyn & Jae-Lynn McKnight

Erotic Romance: Romantic Fantasy, MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1-60435-086-9
Cover Artist: Kato Rain
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 8,650
Release Date: April 24, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Will she be his landwalker or will she catch the big prize only to throw it back?

Over-worked business-woman, Naida Lamont, convinced by her nosy, well meaning best friends to take a vacation, finds more than she bargained for. Giving in, everyone else would have gone to Hawaii or Mexico but not Naida. She chose to go to the very small, very remote island of Kumantie.

Her first night is remarkable and totally unbelievable when a stranger professing to be a merman claims she's the woman his legend foretold about. Calix is too damn sexy to be crazy and she wants him every time she sees him. He has a destiny to fulfill but she doesn't feel like the prophesied landwalker who will save his sea kingdom.


Carolyn Gregg

Erotic Romance: Comedic, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60435-124-8
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett
Editor: Lea Schizas
Word Count: 16,670
Release Date: April 24, 2008

BUY NOW - $2.99

Test models? Are you ready for the fun to begin?

When Charlotte Skye was suddenly thrust into the position of CEO of a company that makes condoms, she discovered her late daddy’s company was about to declare bankruptcy. It fell on her shoulders to come up with some new and innovative products that would revitalize sales. All she needed were actual men to do the testing.

Guy Stenson desperately needed the money, and word was this unusual job paid top dollar. But to model and test condoms?

How hard could it be?


Jennifer Mueller

Mainstream Romance: Suspense, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-078-4
Cover Artist: Red Rose Publishing
Editor: Jean Paq
Word Count: 43,000
Release Date: April 24, 2008

BUY NOW - $3.99

What is the worst thing that could go wrong on a vacation?

Maya Montgomery just wants a vacation with her son, that's it, but with her ex giving her trouble to the point of needing a restraining order, even relaxing involves a fight. At least until everyone in the hotel is kept inside with days of rain. After the way her ex has been all it will take is someone being nice to her and Carson is nothing but nice. Nice to look at, nice to talk to, nice to go to bed with.

For once in her life, things are looking up, until her son is kidnapped and the note orders her to find a hidden treasure. Treasure not everyone is even convinced exists and her son's life depends on it. So much for a peaceful vacation.

Will Maya be able to find her son? Is Carson involved in this whole mess or the nasty ex-boyfriend out for revenge?


The Sheikh's ProposalTHE SHEIKH'S PROPOSAL
Jane Beckenham

Mainstream Romance: Desert Rose, MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1-60435-080-7
Cover Artist: Celia Kyle
Editor: Rachel D.Thompson
Word Count: 43,400
Release Date: April 24, 2008

BUY NOW - $3.99

Will Callie learn the rules of the game or will Tariq take all?

Go or lose her job. Callie Baxter has no choice, but then does her heart have a choice when forced to face her nemeses, the man she blames for her father’s death and whom she is determined to destroy. The man, who also tugs at her heartstrings. Her mind says one thing, her body another.

Home for Sheikh Tariq bin Ahmed al Sulamein is La Isla Perfumada, an island paradise his family have ruled for 800 years. Callie’s public tirade via her newspaper column is threatening to tear all he holds dear.

For Tariq, facing Callie is a fatal error. She is the one woman who could change his future, force him from his protective world, and make him place his needs above those of his country. But Tariq is determined to control the game and play it his way, and not lose his country, or his heart.

But is there really any choice when the heart is involved? Can paradise seduce estranged hearts?



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22 April 2008

BLogging over at Midnight Seductions today!

Along with a few other red rose authors, I have blogged at http://midnightseductionsauthors.blogspot.com on my workshop, a thank you and some personal stuff, check it out!

Sascha illyvich
A proud red rose author

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Review: Acknowledging Meirion

Acknowledging MeirionAcknowledging Meirion has gotten 4 cups from Coffee Time Romance!!

"I really enjoyed the characters... Ms. Renquist is an author with an amazing imagination, and reading more of her work will be a pleasure."
Read the FULL review

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21 April 2008

A Kind Of Loving

I have just seen that A Kind Of Loving is at Number 13 in the Red Rose Publishing list at Fictionwise. Cassie's Sheikh went up to number four at one point. Fingers crossed that A Kind of Loving will do as well or better.

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14 April 2008

Workshop for Writers Announcement

During the month of May at Coffee Time Romance, I will be hosting a workshop entitled BDSM in Romance

Authors, are you looking to increase your readership? Have you spotted the growing trend in erotic romance to include light kink? Desire to add kink to your writing but are unsure how?

Then this workshop is for you!

If during sex scenes the following have occurred: Characters being held down, role play/costuming, light bondage i.e., silk scarves, light spankings, corsets, incorporated food into your sex scene, then guess what?

You’re KINKY!

BDSM is not all about pain, leather or physical abuse, although those are some perks!

This workshop is for authors particularly in the romance genre who dabble in BDSM in any form, be it writing spanking stories, light bondage, or like myself, heavier darker things. What authors may not know about Kink and BDSM is that the term BDSM is a BLANKET TERM encompassing many different things that if utilized properly and marketed appropriately can expand an author’s audience.

Marketing, the toughest part of any author’s job IMO will make or break any author who relies solely on the publisher. An author’s job is a business and needs to be treated like such, even if we DO get to have a more fun than any corporate schmo.

After writing the novel, here is the order of author responsibilities (and an example):

1. Establish the Brand (I’m Sascha Illyvich, paranormal erotica/BDSM romance author)
2. Maintain the Brand (Primarily through PR. I write about wolves, fae, vampires, but you’ll never see me write a western!)
3. Grow the Brand (I write paranormal romances, which puts me in with the anime crowd who likes dark fantasy, the BDSM crowd because my characters engage in mental dominance AND the romance crowd because my stories have a HEA!)

This workshop will focus on Number 3: Grow the Brand. When including different elements like spanking or light bondage you are writing for a normal audience, but with a little more effort you could target not just the fringe readers; those who are closeted about their darker desires, but those who are a little open with their darker desires.

What we will learn
Definition of BDSM in all its forms
SSC – Safe, Sane and Consensual code of conduct
Explanation of the BDSM symbol
Mentality of the various players (there are truly only three but variants are fun!)
Definition and structure of a Scene (Music, equipment, etc)
Basics on toys and reasons we use them (hint, it’s for our fun!)
Sub and Dom/me Space
The Club Scene (along with a story about real estate and my ego beating, lol!)
Definition of Fetish
Basic types of fetishes
Fakers – Those who claim to be everything to all people!
Abuse defined – crossing the line between BDSM and Abuse
Where to go to ask questions and not feel embarrassed
How all of this relates to romance writing
And of course, resources galore, including some great online stores.

Attendants will receive a full PDF copy of the finished manuscript complete with examples from the forum in addition to the knowledge presented here.

The cost will be $25 payable via Paypal to stpbigbangbaby@yahoo.com and will provide attendants access to the private forums at Coffee Time Romance set up for this workshop.

About the Instructor

I have been writing in this genre for the last eight years, worked two large BDSM events in Houston with Houston People Exchanging Power, been actively involved on mailing list discussions, amassed a library, spent time with Jay Wiseman (Author of SM 101: A Realistic Introduction). My Mom is a Lifestyle Domme – meaning when she realized that she enjoyed kinky sex, she sought out knowledge and became who she is today, a loving dominant Lady of Power. My previous workshop, Writing from the Male POV and Creating Better Heroes was a success both at Coffee Time Romance and at Collette Thomas’s Erotic Workshop yahoo group.

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09 April 2008

New Releases 10 April

Pleasure PrinciplePleasure Principle
Tigra-Luna LeMar

ISBN: 978-1-60435-086-9
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett
Editor: Belle
Word Count: 10,414
Release: April 10th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Can you start over when you lost everything you have held dear to you?

Meredith lost everything because her ex-husband was a cheat and con artist. When she wakes up one day to her bank accounts cleaned out and he was gone, she has two choices; sit down and go crazy or move on and start over. Moving to Ryder Creek is the new start.

Logan Sinclair has finally gotten his life where he wants it with his son Andrew. When the woman moves in next door and strange things begins happening around him, he must find out what is going on before things escalates.

Meredith and Logan are about to get a lesson in what can happen when you suppress feelings that should be released.

Will the lesson be more than they can bear or will love hold them together, forever?


Psychotic:SKIU Serial (Serial Killers Investigation Unit) Series Psychotic
SKIU Serial (Serial Killers Investigation Unit) Series
Aline de Chevigny

Mainstream: Romantic Thriller/Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-60435-102-6
Cover Artist: Merris Hawk
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 28,412

BUY NOW - $2.99

Will sparks ignite and set off a fire or will they peter off into a slow burn out?

Doctor Amy Allens isn't looking for love; she's looking for a killer. As a Psychoanalyst she can see into the dark minds that prey on humanity - but Detective Ry Stevens is a complete mystery.

Will their growing attraction make them a stronger team or will the sexual sparks be a distraction that costs them their lives?


A Slice of Life A Slice of Life
Spike Fremont

Erotic: fantasy romance /contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-071-5
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett
Editor: Melissa Glisan
Word Count: 5,700
Release: April 10th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Is the predator in you ready for this?

Sitting at home and noodling on the computer can be innocent...but,
sometimes it isn’t. This story is an example, told through IMs, of
when things go wrong...or right.

Read it and be the judge of who is the predators and who is the victims. Are you up to it?

This story is set in cyberspace, anytime. The lack of exact setting is a nod to the romantic’s concept of separation of time and space. It’s about predators online in the chat rooms of the internet, and it has a twist – sometimes the predator isn’t who you expect it to be. The main characters are nameless, labeled “he”, “she” and “they.” The epistolary nature of the narrative draws the reader in.


The Watermelon RiotThe Watermelon Riot
Melissa Glisan

Erotic MC/IR Contemporary Romantic Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60435-141-5
Cover Artist: Celia Kyle
Editor: Brissa Ryan
Word Count: 13,832
Release: April 10th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

What can be more boring than covering the local produce festival?

Reporter Scott Reneau’s world changes forever when local history mixes with Michelle Butler, the newsroom wallflower, to explode in an uprising of emotions in The Watermelon Riot.

Old letters drew Scott Reneau from his high paying journalism career in Portland Maine to the small southern town of Gallatin Arkansas. Now working the news desk for a rural paper, he found himself demoted and again staring at a pile of old letters.

Michelle Butler was a local girl from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, but she’d been burned by big city dreams and men. When she decided to take a chance on Scott and share her family’s passionate history, she hoped to catch the sexy reporter’s eye, but her grandparents had other plans in mind.

Will he be able to realize that there is more to local images?

Will he be able to fight the fire within him that the caramel colored beauty erupts in him?


Just a Job Just A Job
Sandy Storm

Tarot Line
Mainstream Suspense/Horror
ISBN: 978-1-60435-056-2
Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 22,754
Release: April 10th 2008

BUY NOW - $2.99

Have you ever read Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King on a "dark and stormy night," all alone and horrified at the vision of the world they manage to conjure up? The eerie scenarios of "The Masque of the Red Death" and "Pet Sematary" give us hair-raising questions about what it would be like if things really were that macabre.

Just A Job follows in their creepy footsteps. What would population control be like if it included not only pregnancy prevention, but also the removal later in life of those judged to be supernumerary, extra, one too many?

Just A Job explores this question through the eyes of those who must carry out such executions, the mandated Services. All the players in this frequently repeated drama must work together to bring those so selected to their demise in ways that encourage both compliance and cooperation.

Michelle Crenshaw is a master Executrix specializing in the swift and hopefully painless decapitation of Clients assigned to her by the Council. Victoria Patterson, young, beautiful debutante, is second on her list for the day's work. Mirroring the élan of Anne Boleyn or Lady Jane Grey going to the block, the Executrix looks for exquisite attire, detailed ritual, and the promise of top of the line post-mortem care to carry Victoria through her last moments of life.

What are the most unique moments in the victim's life really are all part of a day's work for Michelle and her team. With chilling normalcy, they focus on the carefully scripted sequence of their work as they guide Victoria to her fate with as much ease and dignity as possible. From initial contact to final tribute, those responsible are challenged to maintain themselves in the face of what their profession calls them to do.

How do they keep it all Just A Job?


My Very Special Agent: Special Agent SeriesMy Very Special Agent
Betty Ann Harris

Erotic: Contemporary/ suspense/ thriller
ISBN: 978-1-60435-069-2
Cover Artist: Rae Monet, Inc.
Editor: Rachael D. Thompson
Word Count: 13,786
Release: April 10th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Will Maggie be the stalker’s next victim or will Stephen step in to save the day?

My Very Special Agent is a contemporary damsel in distress saved by a modern day knight story. The damsel in this story is a successful romance writer, Maggie Tyler, who is being stalked and threatened. Very afraid, alone, and in danger, she turns to the FBI for help.

Stephen O’Leary is the tall, dark, and handsome FBI Special Agent who is assigned to protect her. Upon meeting Maggie, Stephen is totally taken by this widowed beauty, a woman who possesses a kind heart and deep passions, passions that match his own burning desire.

Amidst danger, mystery, and the villain’s overwhelming desire to have Maggie to himself, she and Stephen take every opportunity to fulfil their burning desires.

But by doing so are they are unknowingly fueling the fire of burning desire the unknown stalker has for Maggie?

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Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple

Dana Littlejohn

Published By:
Red Rose Publishing


Release Date:
Available Now


Page Count:

Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple

Centuries of war with werewolves has left the Dioni Vampire Clan with no women of their race and on the brink of extinction. Mankind has become their only hope to rebuild. Annually, the clans grant one warrior the privilege to select a wife, and this year’s recipient of the honor is Jonathan Destori.

Kenya Baxter is a voluptuous ebony beauty. She has no trouble handling herself in and outside of the bedroom. She meets Jonathan after a park incident and befriends the vampire. Kenya offers to show him around New York so Jonathan can get a true taste of what the city has to offer after dark.

Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple is part of the Dioni Chronicles series.

I found Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple to be an enjoyable read. Kenya isn’t the average rail thin woman so often portrayed in novels. It was nice to read about a woman who has not allowed her weight to dictate how she lives her life, or society’s image of beauty to squash her confidence. Kenya is strong of mind, body and spirit. Jonathan is a delicious dish who at times seemed too blind to recognize what a true gift Kenya was. Dana Littlejohn has delivered a deliciously wicked treat that is sure to please lovers of the genre.

Reviewed by: NeNe

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08 April 2008

Another Review: A Valentine's Gift for Tori

I think Mickey from Simply Romance Reviews likes me... or, at least, my books. :)

"Reading a Zenobia Renquist novel is a sure to guarantee to a different and unique experience... Ms. Renquist illustrates both sensitivity and humor... Regardless, of what each person takes away from the story, they will definitely take away hours of enjoyment."

Read Full Review HERE


Title: A Valentine's Gift for Tori
Zenobia Renquist

Red Rose Publishing
Contemporary Mainstream Romance (IR)
Short Story (15K words)
1-60435-099-7 (978-1-60435-099-9)

She wants a boyfriend for Valentine’s and her husband wants to deliver.

Tori has come to the realization that her marriage lacks the spark it had in the beginning. She and her husband argue more than anything else and she foresees a nasty break-up on the horizon if something doesn’t change. When he asks her what she wants for Valentine’s Day, her answer is scandalous and straightforward—a boyfriend.

Rather than be upset, her husband is intrigued by the idea and sets out to make it happen. Tori has set herself—and him—an impossible goal and her prospects aren’t that promising. But she’s determined to have a boyfriend in time for the most romantic holiday of the year.

Read the first chapter for free: http://zenobiarenquist.com

“What do you want for V-day, sweetheart?”

Tori regarded her husband. He didn’t even look at her when he’d asked the question. Instead, he lazed in his easy chair with his feet up, clicking through the channels. She shouldn’t be upset at his dismissive behavior. Unlike most husbands, he’d actually remembered days in advance of the holiday instead of the day of. Christian was good at remembering anniversaries, birthdays, and the like.

“I want a boyfriend.” Some wild hair made Tori say what was on her mind, the thing she really wanted and had kept to herself for the past two years.

Her marriage with Christian was lukewarm. She couldn’t remember when the last time they’d had sex, but Christian could tell her the exact date if she asked. He only remembered stuff that concerned him.

That wasn’t to say she didn’t love her husband. He was the only man who could put up with her and vice versa. They were the perfect complete-each-other’s-sentences couple. On the surface, they had the type of marriage every couple envied with three kids who were mature beyond their years and a stable income. A dream come true except one thing…

“Ha ha. Now what do you really want?” He continued flipping channels.

“I’m not joking. I want a boyfriend.”

Christian looked at her. His smile vanished when he saw she wasn’t smiling. “What are you saying?”

“I just told you twice. For the third time, I want a boyfriend.”

“Is this about Samantha? I apologized. You forgave me. You said it was in the past and not to worry about it. Why after two years of forgiveness do you suddenly want a divorce?”

“I didn’t say I wanted a divorce. I said I want a boyfriend.” She felt like a broken record.

Her gaze strayed to the clock. They had an hour before the kids were due back from school. She hoped whatever theatrics Christian threw her way ended before they came home.

Christian switched the television off then stood and faced Tori. “This isn’t a funny joke. Or is this payback?”

“It’s neither. When was the last time we had sex, Christian?”

“Two years and three months ago next Friday.”

She knew it. He’d been counting, which meant the lack of intimacy had bothered him. She crossed her arms. “We don’t have a relationship anymore—not the kind married couples should have.”

“We can work at it.”

“I really don’t want to.”

That made Christian angry. His face contorted in rage and he paced away from her with an angry sound.

She wasn’t scared. Christian would never hurt her. He wasn’t the type of man to do that. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t put a hole through the wall or stab the couch with a kitchen knife.

“Christian, assuming I wanted to have sex, do you even want to?”


“With me?”

“Of course! You’re my wife. We’ve been married ten years.”

“Then how come you were with Samantha on that Valentine’s Day two years ago?”

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07 April 2008

Just a little fun with Red Rose authors who are also Midnight Seductions Authors :)

Thought I'd remind everyone that we have a LOT of fun going on this month with the Midnight SEductions Authors!

First, our contest which I briefly mentioned yesterdayis stillgoing on, you can join our group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MidnightSeductions/

And for those who like to read blogs, you can check us out with a new author blogging from Midnight Seductions each day! Find us at: http://midnightseductionsauthors.blogspot.com

And where will we be next? Look for us at Romance Junkies Readers online chat tomorrow night I believe (you can ALWAYS go to the Midnight Seductions group homepage and check the calendar there :)

For those keeping up with Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker (Dub Mix) and wondering where the next chapter is, fear not! I'll post a new chapter by the end of the week. I have some world building to do requirnig some research thanks to some great questions asked by author Stephanie Burke, who knows cyber punk really well compared to me!

xxx kisses,

Sascha Illyvich

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Chateau Despair

A Kind Of Loving
available from Red rose Publishing now.

Chateau Despair/Linda Sole

Coming soon from Red Rose Publishing

Clothilde spends her childhood in a crumbling chateau in France. Christine lives in a beautiful house in England, the spoiled daughter of a rich family. Clothilde is trapped in Paris in WW11, Christine only hs to worry abotu clothing coupons. What can these two women possibly have in common and what will happen when they meet? Yet their destinies are tied togather. Read this intriguing story of love and war.

A big WWII saga!


Madame Fanchot watched in triumph as the child entered the world in a mess of slime and blood. However, her feeling was short-lived as she turned to its mother. She was dying. Her labour had been long and hard, and the months of carrying had taken their toll. No one would care what became of her or her child. She’d been foolish and careless and her behaviour had brought shame to her family. For herself, she could have little reason left to live, but Madame Fanchot knew that she feared for her child.
"Where is she?" The woman’s voice was barely more than a whisper. The blood drained out from between her thighs, sluggish and thick. Madame Fanchot gave up any attempt to staunch it. She believed nothing more could be done to help the woman, or perhaps she was either too indifferent or too ignorant to try to save her. "Let me see her…just once."
"She is beautiful, Madame," Madame Fanchot said. She laid the small bundle in the mother’s arms. The child was wrapped in nothing but the shawl the woman had been wearing when they’d found her wandering in the woods some hours earlier. "You have a lovely daughter."
"I want to call her Elena," the mother said. "Her name is Elen…"
The rattle of death caught in her throat, causing her head to fall back against the pillows.
"She has gone," a man said from the doorway. He spat on the floor of the filthy cottage. "So perish all such whores as they deserve."
"You are too harsh, Jean," his wife said. She took the squalling child from its mother and held it to her breast to quiet it. "How can you know who or what the poor woman was? She has scarcely spoken a word since we found her wandering."
"No decent woman would be alone in a wood in her condition," he muttered sourly. "If she came of good family they threw her out – and she isn’t wearing a wedding ring."
"That doesn’t mean she was a bad woman," Madame Fanchot gave the dead woman a pitying look. "What are we to do with her now?"
"I’ll bury her in the wood. I’ve no money to pay the priest for a proper burial for a stranger?"
"But shouldn’t we tell someone? Supposing someone comes looking for her or the child one day?"
"We never saw her."
"What of the child?" she cried in horror at his callous words.
"Get rid of it…" He growled deep in his throat . "I don’t mean kill it – take it to the church. Leave it near the altar. The priest will know what to do. It won’t be the first time he’s had to deal with an abandoned bastard I’ll swear. I don’t care what you do with it, just get it out of the house."
"The shawl is hers. Was there nothing else – no ring or trinket of any kind that might help them to trace who the child’s mother was?"
"Nothing," he muttered in a way that immediately told her he was lying. "Nothing at all."
She scowled at him. If he’d stolen something from the woman, he would likely keep it until he thought it was safe to sell. She would not receive the smallest part of his ill-gotten gains, even though she was the one who’d gone through the trouble of attending the woman.
"I’m going to take the child," she told him. She hated his brutality; she hated the poverty of her life. She wished she dared to leave him and take the child with her. It was impossible. Poor as her life is, it was still better than starving on the streets. "If you mean to bury the woman, Jean, be careful. If anyone sees you there could be trouble."
"No one will see," he shrugged. "No one ever comes to the woods these days. Not after what happened up at the chateau."
Madame Fanchot crossed herself as she hurried out into the bleakness of a cold winter evening. The chateau remained empty for the past five years, save from the crazy old woman that owned it. The last of her family, she had lived there alone, hardly seeing anyone since the tragedy. Madame Fanchot’s mind shied away from what had happened all those years ago.
Indeed, she did not truly know for sure what had happened at the chateau. She’d only heard the rumours, but it was certain three people were brutally murdered there.
Shivering, she ran all the way to the church. She looked about her, but could see no one. Hurriedly, she deposited her bundle behind the priest’s pulpit. He would surely see it there when he came to take evening confession.
Afraid and guilty for leaving the child, Madame Fanchot made the sign of the cross over her heart and then ran from the church hastily. In her anxiety to get away, Madame Fanchot failed to notice the figure sitting quietly in the shadows. Nor did she ever know what happened after she’d left, though there would be times over the years when she wondered what had become of the child. Times when she believed she knew…

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06 April 2008

Midnight Seductions Authors contest!

The second contest is part of the Midnight Seductions Authors odyssey
in reading contest that is taking place all month long on our yahoo
http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/MidnightSe ductions/
Each day a new question will be posted along with hints about where
you can find the answer. Since there are 30 days in the month we have
30 prizes lined up.

My day is April 26th, so hopefully I'll have my laptop completely up and running by then!

Good luck!

Sascha Illyvich

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04 April 2008

Newest Marie Rochelle interview


Check it out.
Marie Rochelle

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03 April 2008

First Review: Acknowledging Meirion

Acknowledging MeirionAcknowledging Meirion has gotten it's first review from Mickey at Simply Romance Reviews.

"Ms. Renquest's sensitivity in writing the scenes between the pair keeps this book from being maudlin, and allows it to have the happy ending readers expect from a true romance. While not a light and frivoless romance, this is definitely a romance, and one well worth reading."
Read Full Review

No acknowledgment—but is true love the exception?

Meirion Flatt is one of a handful of people participating in the human version of a nature show for an alien race known as the Fey. Kiar, one of the three men chosen to film her, has awakened emotions in her she hasn’t felt since her husband died. She can’t tell if the feelings are mutual or one-sided, but she’s willing to find out.

Kiar takes great pride in doing his job correctly and that pride means everything to him. The network he works for has a strict rule of no acknowledgment. He’s meant to observe, not interact—no matter what. When Meirion sets out to seduce him, his job becomes that much harder.

Love’s battlefield has gotten two new contenders and losing just isn’t an option.

Two of the universe's most stubborn people are about to clash in a new battle of the sexes. This competition has no rules and neither Meirion nor Kiar is willing to lose. It's her heart versus his pride. Will victory lead to joint happiness or both their defeats as Kiar struggles against... Acknowledging Meirion

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01 April 2008

Take advantage of a 50% discount

Don´t know exactly why or for how long, but all I can tell you is that all Red Rose Publishing books are at a 50% off at Fictionwise.

Yep, you read correct, 50% off.

So just clink HERE and don't miss this chance!

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Disoriented Dress- Threesome Turns Nightmarish

Janet Delaine discovers she made a big mistake granting her long time boyfriend his sexual fantasy. John changes…for the worse. Janet turns for help to John’s childhood buddy, Cliff, only to discover feelings she’s kept suppressed. Will she stick it out with John or finally allow her heart to rule?

Trying to make a change in her life, she takes on the job as manager at a local grocery story. Things move along quite nicely until one late night, after locking up the store, a confrontation with John leaves her stranded to walk home the eight long blocks alone.

A mugging later, one hospital stay, and the threat of an explicit video to be released if she doesn’t behave, Janet is at the end of her rope.

Now available at Red Rose Publishing for ONLY $2.99

Join my yahoo group, Touch of Romance, and each month on the first, one lucky member will win one of my newest ebooks. Touch of Romance, the group where spice, lust, vampiric tendencies, historical flair, and paranormal creepiness is welcomed.

Liam Stalls – Romance Author
Where romance begins…and lust takes over!

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