29 May 2008

Meet Eros...

Well actually meet Rico... Yes ladies, his name is Rico Elbaz and he is from Las Vegas... Now some of you might be wondering how the heck did I find out who the mystery man from my cover is... (and some of you who know me will no be surprised in the slightest! LOL) Turns out someone wrote to me and told me his name and website... I went and looked and yep, it was him... So I wrote to him to let him know he was on my cover. Then Rico, the super nice guy he is wrote back to me (insert giggles here) and he even sent me a friend request on MySpace... I have him on my top friends now (can you blame me??) so if you go to my page you'll him there. (A word of advice... GO LOOK AT HIS PAGE... Holy geez... Tell me that background pic isn't freakin amazing!!)

So go treat yourself to some incredible eye candy... all fat free...lol

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22 May 2008

I have a new release wooohooo

Nature's Whim

Ares had one goal, to become the most powerful of the old Gods. And now with Mother Nature missing, presumed dead, and the world in complete chaos, his wish was almost a reality. He never dreamed that the twenty first century could hold so much promise and power. Now was the time to act, he’d planned out ever contingency he could think of. Nothing could stop him. Nothing except her! How was he supposed to plan for something he neither saw coming nor ever expected to find. To make matters worse, he felt an attraction to her he couldn’t understand or resist, and he’d tried.

But Mother Nature was back. She’d been reincarnated into the body of a young woman with a quick wit and sharp tongue who didn’t have a clue. Now Ares had to make the most difficult decision of his immortal life. Does he help Desdemona Carpenter get both her powers and the elements under control or does he smite what could be true love and aim for the power he so desperately desires?

Tied for Cover of the Month
November 2007

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Excerpt :

He walked to the opening of his tent and surveyed all that was his. Yes he missed the comforts of his home, but they held too many memories. Memories that even after months of planning and preparing still distracted him from his destiny. Yet he couldn’t deny that there was a pull, and urge to go after her that he fought with the iron will of a warrior.

Lightning flashed in a clear blue sky, and struck the only tree in the camp splitting it straight down the middle. The singed and burning wood reminded him that he had other more pressing things to worry about. For one he needed to find Gaia before she ruined all his carefully laid out plans. He needed to learn why she was working against him and where she received such power. It was time to return to Mount Olympus and speak with his family.

The earthquake hadn’t been the only disaster to hit the earth of late. Tornadoes, Tidal waves, Hurricanes and a record number of Volcanoes had become active all over the world. Always within his personal vicinity, and always killing his men just before they were ready to go to battle. He’d noted one other thing in his searches, the attacks always occurred while he was asleep and dreaming of her!

The dark circles under his eyes attested to the fact that he hadn’t been sleeping much of late. It was a good thing for him that a God needn’t much sleep. Those dreams always felt so real, so vibrant. Like Desi was there in the room with him.

Her lips would kiss him, her tongue teasingly run over his nipples, her teeth nipping him to distraction. Her hands would roam all over his ready and willing naked body beneath hers. She’d tease him to a fever pitch, her cries and moans of pleasure driving him insane with lust. Then when he’d be ready to scream in frustration she’d relinquish power to him to do with her as he pleased.

He always started the same way, he wasn’t sure why. But first he’d crush her to him and devour her mouth with a kiss of desperation, and only when he felt her desperation was as high as his, would he enter her. Thrusting deep inside of her, until he felt they’re bodies merge. Desi clinging to him with a desperation of her own whispering word of love and regret until they both climaxed together.

Ares shook himself out of the trance last night’s dream put him under. It was the first dream he’d allowed himself in weeks. They're lovemaking showed that. It had been quick and rough; like they’d both craved the others touch and couldn’t wait to come together. Once they caught their breaths, they’d come together again slowly this time, sensually.

He shook his head to dislodge the mental image; Desi was the last person he wanted to think about today. Today he needed to find Gaia! It was time to stop her from throwing her temper tantrums. He couldn’t rule the world as the supreme God if she destroyed it in her blind jealous rage.

Ares grabbed his cloak and left his tent. “Matius, I’m leaving you in charge of this group of recruits until I return. I want them ready; we put my plans into motion the moment I get back.

“Yes my God Ares.”

“No one is to enter my tent while I am away. If I sense a single presence in there I will kill the culprit with my bare hands. No matter the reason for their entrance.” To put weight behind his words with a wave of his hand Ares erected a barrier over the tent. He didn’t know how, but Desi came to him in that place and he didn’t want anyone desecrating the space in his absence.

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New Releases 22 May

Pearl of Passion, TheTHE PEARL OF PASSION
Carolyn Gregg

Erotic Romance: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-157-6
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett
Editor: Lea Schizas
Word Count: 12,690
Release Date: May 22, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

What’s a girl to do when the sex toy she orders through an online catalog store comes possessed with its creator?

Livvy finds out just how much fun her new pearl covered vibrator can be held in the right hands. After all it came with its creator.

What more can a girl ask?

Warning this title includes explicit language, vibrator sex and anal penetration.


Spire Chronicles Series: Book 1
Jae-Lynn McKnight

Erotic Romance: MC/IR, Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-084-5
Cover Artist: Red Rose Publishing
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 13,400
Release Date: May 22, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Fame or recluse, which is Tasha to become?

Tasha Carreira, the daughter of the night club mogul Micheal Carreira, has her life turned upside down at 23. A horrific accident steals the lives of both her parents and tosses her world into a windstorm. She doesn’t want the fame, but refuses to let her fathers’ dreams die – even if it means she has to work at a summer camp to get her inheritance.

Rescuing his younger brother from their alcoholic fathers’ grips, Damien Hunter takes it in his own hands to return to their safe haven – Spire – a children’s summer camp that had been Damiens’ chance to be a kid each summer. Only this year there is someone new. Someone who has a intrigued him with her broken spirit.

…Can he be the one to help her heal?


Samson and DelilahSAMSON AND DELILAH
Megan Rose

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-151-4
Cover Artist: Kato Rain
Editor: Belle
Word Count: 4,640
Release Date: May 22, 2008

BUY NOW - $0.99

Can you really trust men after being let down so many times?

Will Delilah go down that street again or will she just walk on by?

Delilah has been let down by men and is determined never to trust another one again. She chooses instead to put all her energy into establishing her new business. However, when longhaired construction worker Samson is thrown into the equation, can Delilah really resist? Samson is the first to admit that he likes the chase, but there is something about Delilah that makes him fall hard and fast. Is it possible that for him to knock down her defenses and ultimately win her heart?


Road to CasablancaROAD TO CASABLANCA
Desert Rose Anthology
Leah Leonard

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Comedy, MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1-60435-160-6
Cover Artist: Leah Leonard
Editor: Linnea
Word Count: 50,900
Release Date: May 22, 2008

BUY NOW - $4.99

Will a dating service be the right place to find true love or will heartache ensue?

Shy legal assistant, Cindy Brown needs help in the dating department according to her friend Victoria who signed Cindy up for a dating service catering to wealthy executives.

Erick Redmund will be disinherited if he doesn’t find a suitable wife – and fast, so he hires the matchmaking service to find a nice wifely looking woman for him for a blind date in Marrakech, Morocco, where he is going to begin a business venture as an international film producer.

After romantic sunset dinners, camel rides and several misunderstandings threaten to tear their relationship apart, Erick and Cindy soon realize the road to Casablanca is paved with unexpected twists and turns.

Will they find the most incredible surprise of all – true love?


Nature's WhimNATURE'S WHIM
Aline de Chevigny

Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60435-025-8
Cover Artist: Merris Hawk
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 20,320
Release Date: May 22, 2008

BUY NOW - $2.99

Ares was determined to become the most powerful of the old Gods. And now with Mother Nature missing, presumed dead, and the world in complete chaos, it was his chance. He never dreamed that the twenty first century could hold so much promise and power. Now was the time to act. He’d planned out every contingency he could think of. Nothing could stop him. Nothing except her!

Mother Nature was back; reincarnated into the body of a young woman with a quick wit and sharp tongue… she didn’t have a clue. Now Ares had to make the most difficult decision of his immortal life. Does he help her get both her powers and the elements under control or does he smite what could be true love and aim for the power he so desperately desires?


Rorrey Lynch

Erotic Romance: MC/IR, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-161-3
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Jennifer Puckett
Word Count: 16,640
Release Date: May 22, 2008

BUY NOW - $2.99

Are the soulmates or is she just after a good story?

The narrator, ‘One’,is a fledgling reporter. She is fascinated by a young man from the Middle East, but she never expects to fall in love with him, let alone become seduced by a powerful psychological bondage that wraps around her like tentacles and find herself totally vulnerable and willing to obey his every command.

When ‘One’ befriends Zee, a young Arabic student, he knows he must have not only her body -- he must capture her soul. He sets out to make her comprehend what it means to be prepared at all times to accept your destiny.

Muslim Lover is the moving love story of a young woman torn between her own independence and the love she feels for a mysterious young man. As they explore each other’s bodies and minds, the two young lovers find peace and love with each other.

But can they fight against a world that is shaped and crowded by prejudice and suspicion?

Warning this title includes graphic sexual scenes and some scenes depicting 'casualties of war'.


The Leading Lady Series: Book 1
Shara Azod

Erotic Romance: MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1-60435-150-7
Cover Artist: Merris Hawk
Editor: Savannah Frierson
Word Count: 13,490
Release Date: May 22, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

From readers fantasies straight to the page!

The Leading Lady series are a collection of novellas based entirely on contest winners specification. They picked everything about the Leading Lady and challenged the author to create the fantasy.

In this first installment, Berlin is a successful buyer for an exclusive department store looking or new and exciting designers. Matthew Hartsfield was once a designer for the stars, but found more satisfaction as a recluse in the West Virginia mountains.

A winter blizzard brought them together, but will pride and ambition keep them apart?

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16 May 2008

Become Snared by AN OPEN LURE by RaeLynn Blue

Want to be ensnared in a sizzling hot urban fantasy this weekend?
You won't be able to resist Zuri and Jake and their OPEN LURE!

Blurb: Will being stranded be the worst or the best thing that could happen to Zuri?Zuri Hines is on the brink of beginning her new life, minus her ex-boyfriend. Yet when she ends up stranded in Oklahoma, she feels her plans starting to unravel. As a mysterious man publicly performs self-stimulating acts, but only if she watches, is she flirting with danger? Or entertaining an old fantasy? Jake Lysette has been in many women's beds and has devoured the sexual energy of even more since becoming an incubus. Yet when a freak blizzard leave him stranded in Oklahoma, will a shy, strong-willed Black woman be the key to satisfy his ravaging hunger for eternity?

Check it out today! This title is smoking it's so HOT! Red Rose Publishing .

Stop on over and check it out. While you're at it, grab the excerpt and enter the contest at my guest blog post at Kelley Nyrae's blog!


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13 May 2008

It's All About... ME

I've been interviewed at Manic Readers. Stop by and check it out. :)

Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance
A Valentine's Gift for Tori -- Contemp Romance (IR) -- Out Now
Acknowledging Meirion -- Sci-Fi Romance (MC/IR) -- Out Now

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12 May 2008

Chateau Despair

Chateau Despair/Linda Sole

Out now at Red Rose Publishing.

This scene shows Clothilde growing up in the crumbling chateau in France. This is a huge saga with an intricate, plot with lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!

"You should send the child to the Nuns," Father Caillebotte said. "It is not fitting for her to be here in this place – and you are not well enough to care for her." His eyes swept round the room. It was cold despite the small fire flickering in the grate. Finding no answer to his problem, his gaze returned to the old woman, who sat hugging her shawl about her shoulders, her expression defensive and wary.
"The child is mine," she told him. "I brought her here to save her from the kind of life you would condemn her to with those sour-faced hags, who have never known what it is to live. Go away and leave us alone. We do not need you."
Caillebotte’s expression was one of patient resignation. He had made the same plea each time he came to the house for the past seven years, and it was always refused. He was wasting his time. It was only duty that made him continue to call at the house, which was crumbling into a ruin from neglect and had an air of despair about it.
"Perhaps not, but I shall continue to call even though you say you do not need me, Madame. If you have no thought for your own soul, the child must still be brought up in the way of the Lord – and she must be educated. It is time for her to begin her lessons. If you will not send her to school, I shall come myself to teach her to read and write."
Caillebotte was a good man. He would do his duty as he saw it. His conscience would not allow him to abandon either the child or the woman, even though he sometimes wondered if his visits meant anything at all to either of them.
The old woman gave him a sour look. "Please yourself. I should have taught her when she was ready. She likes to look at my treasures, and already she knows some of her letters. I do not neglect her as much as you imagine, Caillebotte. I tell her my stories. She likes stories…"
The priest was silent. He knew that the old woman had her good days and her bad days; he also knew that if he had done what was right, he would have taken the child into care long ago. This decaying chateau with its damp rooms and its dark secrets was not a suitable place for a child to grow – and yet the girl seemed to thrive on it.
She was a pretty child with large grey, wondering eyes. Her hair was long and dark; it flew wildly about her face as she ran bare foot about the house and the estate. He knew that she hid from him as much as she could, and suspected that she was somewhere around even now, listening to their conversation.
Clothilde listened from behind the painted screen, where she had hidden herself so that she could hear what they were saying. She was fiercely glad that Grandmere had refused yet again to send her to the Nuns. She did not want to go away from her grandmother, though she would not have minded escaping from certain other people in this house. But that would have meant leaving Grandmere, and she would never, never do that! If the priest took her to the Sisters of Mercy she would run away and come home to Grandmere.
Father Caillebotte was mistaken if he thought that she went nowhere and saw no one but her grandmere and the servants. Clothilde visited the village often. She knew the cottage where the priest lived behind the church, with its back garden where he grew herbs and vegetables, also fruit and a few flowers. Once she had stolen an apple from his tree, and his housekeeper came out shaking her fist. Clothilde ran away laughing; she was certain that the woman would never catch her.
The village itself was old; the houses built of some kind of stone that looked golden in the sunshine. Outside the small, dark inn, with its shuttered windows, old men sat drinking wine and dreaming in the sun while stray cats roamed where they would. Once Clothilde took one of the cats home with her, but it scratched her hand and ran away
The street was cobbled and there were potholes where the rain lay in the winter, the houses close to the road without gardens at the front. Some of them had bright window boxes, from which pink and red flowers trailed. In the back gardens the women, who always seemed to wear black, kept hens and some of them owned a pig, others grew herbs but not many of them grew flowers. Clothilde loved flowers, but there were none at the chateau, and no one to tend them. The servants were interested only in growing the vegetables they needed for the kitchen.
Clothilde waited until the priest left, then crept out from her hiding place and went to Grandmere. Climbing on to her lap, she sat before the fire, staring into the flames as they flickered and burned lower in the grate for want of kindling.
Grandmere stroked her head in an absent-minded manner. Clothilde knew that her grandmother’s thoughts were far away. She was always like this after the priest came, as if his visit made her want to shut out her surroundings.
"Are you dreaming about when you were young, Grandmere?" she asked, but received no reply. "Will you tell me a story?"
Sometimes her grandmother did not speak to her for hours, at others she would bring out her treasures and tell her stories. Clothilde liked those times best, but Grandmere was the centre of her world. Even when she was far away, lost in her world of dreams, she loved her.
From the moment she could walk and do things, Clothilde cared for Grandmere, understanding that the old woman needed her. She got down from her lap now and went to put more wood on the fire. Grandmere needed warmth because she was so often in pain from her poor crippled hands that ached with the rheumatics.
She went back and kissed the soft cheek, then slipped from the room. She would come back later when it was time for their supper. Grandmere would be ready to talk to her then, but for the moment Clothilde was free to escape into the woods. There she could run and hide, escape for a while from the harsh reality of her life at the house.
She was not sure that she liked the idea of lessons with the priest, but perhaps he would teach her to understand what was in the books in the library. There were a great many of them, some with pictures, which Clothilde liked to look at, others with strange letters that meant nothing to her.
"Where are you, little pig?"
Hearing the voice she hated most in the world, Clothilde made a dash for the door and freedom. She had stolen two buns fresh from the cooling tray earlier that morning and Blanche would beat her if she found her. However, the servant was fat and lazy, and she would not search far. Once Clothilde was in the woods she would be safe.
As she reached the door a bulky figure came darting out of the kitchen and grabbed her, shaking her until her teeth rattled.
"I have the little pig for you," Betrand called to his wife. "Here is the thief who stole your cakes."
"I didn’t steal them," Clothilde protested. "They are Grandmere’s cakes. You work for her. It’s your job to cook the food…"
She gave a scream as Betrand shook her, her head snapping back and forth. Blanche was coming towards her, stick in hand. She was going to be beaten again. Blanche was a vicious bully and beat her whenever she had an excuse. The last time she’d been black and blue all over for more than a week; she cried herself to sleep every night. She did not dare to complain to Grandmere, for it might upset her and make her ill. The servants treated her shamefully, but Clothilde was learning to fight back.
She turned her head and bit Betrand's hand. He gave a cry of pain and let her go, dropping her with such force that she felt the pain shoot through her wrist. Yet in a second she was on her feet, scuttling away and out of the door before he could recapture her.
She could hear them arguing about whose fault it was that she’d escaped, as she ran for her life, through the gardens towards the woods and safety.

It was evening now; the fire was burning merrily. Clothilde was feeling satisfactorily full, and she knew Grandmere felt the same. She was always at her best at this time, when she had eaten. She looked at Clothilde, smiled and held out her hand to her.
"Fetch my box to me, child, and I"ll show you my treasures."
Clothilde scrambled off her chair and went to the big bureau in the corner of the room where the box was kept. She carried it carefully back to her grandmother. The box was fashioned of several different kinds of woods in an intricate design, and like many of the things in this room had once been valuable. She watched as the battered old box was opened and its contents removed one by one, to be displayed as if they were precious jewels.
"This was my fan at my first ball," Grandmere told her, opening it to show her the pastoral scene painted on chicken skin. "It is made of ivory, and the handle is silver, but unfortunately it is broken…" She laid it down with a sigh.
"Who did you dance with that night, Grandmere?"
"That was the night I met Pierre…he was my first lover…" Grandmere sighed. "It was such fun in Paris in those times, Clothilde. Oh, the fine jewels we wore and the clothes; the clothes were so beautiful then, so elegant. Everything is ugly now; the age of charm has gone."
"Tell me about Pierre. Was he very handsome?"
"The most handsome man I had ever met – and he rode so well. He was always teasing me, bringing me flowers…"She sighed again. "I remember that we danced five times that night! It was so scandalous. Three times was all that was thought right and proper, and I was scolded by my father."
"But why? I do not see why you shouldn’t dance with the man you loved."
"Because I knew I could never marry him, child." Grandmere’s face was sad. "Love fades in time but my father believed money went on forever. He did not know Sanclere!"
"What do you mean, Grandmere?"
"It does not matter, but always remember that nothing lasts, not even money. In the firelight her face was soft with dreams and almost beautiful again, so that Clothilde thought how lovely she must have been as a young woman. "It was so wrong of me to let him make love to me. My father would have killed us both if he had discovered us…but he never did…"
"What happened to Pierre?" Clothilde asked, though she knew all Grandmere’s stories, for she had heard them so many times. "Did you love him very much?"
"I loved him as much as I was capable of loving. It wasn’t enough. He had no fortune and Sanclere was rich. My father wanted me to marry him…"
"Did it break Pierre’s heart when you told him you were to marry someone else?"
"He said it did – but he recovered soon enough and married a rich widow." Madame Sanclere’s face clouded. "Never trust a man, Clothilde. They are all faithless. Sanclere was never faithful to me – even on our wedding trip he took one of the maids to his bed…"
"What did he do to her?" Clothilde asked.
"I forgot what I was saying," Madame Sanclere shook her head. "Take no notice, Clothilde. I am old and sad, and I say foolish things. Come kiss me and then go to bed, child. You will not be fit to start your lessons in the morning."
"Must I have lessons with the priest?"
"Yes, I think you must," Grandmere said. "Otherwise he might send you to the Nuns – and I do not want you to leave me yet, Clothilde."
"I shall never leave you. Never!"
Clothilde threw her arms about her. She could not bear it when Grandmere spoke of her leaving. The old woman smiled, touched her head gently.
"Hush, child, no nonsense. One day you will go. But I hope that day will not come too soon." She pushed Clothilde from her. "Leave me to my memories now."
Clothilde knew that she would sit before the fire, taking out all the faded treasures from her box and dreaming over them until the fire went out and she turned cold. Perhaps then she would remember to go to bed herself.
Clothilde left her reluctantly, wishing that she could do more to help Grandmere.
As she reached the top of the stairs, a bulky figure darted out at her, grabbing her arm. "Got you at last, little pig! I"ll teach you to steal from me!" Blanche cried spitefully.
Clothilde pinched her arm hard, then kicked her on the shin with all her strength. Blanche squealed with pain and let go of her, and in an instant Clothilde was away, darting inside her room and locking her door.
She leaned against it, closing her eyes as she fought for breath. Another narrow escape, but tomorrow battle would commence once more. Blanche would have her revenge one way or another. Clothilde knew that sooner or later she would be caught and beaten ...

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08 May 2008

New Releases 08 May

Taylor Kincaid

Mainstream Romance: Historical, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60435-052-4
Cover Artist: Connie
Editor: Melissa Glisan
Word Count: 1,510
Release Date: May 08, 2008

BUY NOW - $0.99

Are you ready for The Attic Ball or are you going to be too afraid to see what happens?

A Walden woman heads to the attic to revive an ancient ritual, which has been handed down from generation to generation. With the aid of an old trunk, containing some ancient props consisting of a lovely antebellum ball gown and a Confederate uniform, she summons the main participants, her long deceased great great grandparents. And the ritual of The Attic Ball begins.



Amanda Cummings

Erotic Romance: Fantasy, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60435-103-3
Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland
Editor: Savannah Frierson
Word Count: 19,890
Release Date: May 08, 2008

BUY NOW - $2.99

Can magic and reality work together or will they be dealt a fate worse than death?

Two worlds held together by magic, the Earth realm and the realm of Aldar. Amber Moyer is a Chosen from our world. As the time draws near Samhain, Tavis, from Aldar, seeks her out in dreams. They are soul mates. Together they sustain his realm with the life giving magic of the Earth realm.

But there is evil that seeks Aldar. Will Tavis and Amber be able to overcome the evil? Or suffer the same fate as Amber's mother so many years ago?



Linda Sole

Mainstream Romance: Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60435-092-0
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn

Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 119,190
Release Date: May 08, 2008

BUY NOW - $5.99

Chateau Despair is a big saga that spans from early in the twentieth century until World War II. Clothilde is growing up in France in a crumbling chateau with a woman she knows as her grandmother. She has to fend for herself after Grandmere dies and goes to Paris to work. She is there throughout the war and is caught up in the resistance.

Christine is growing up in the comfort of Penhallows in England. She is safe, happy and protected, living the life of a privileged young lady. But the war will affect them both and one day they will meet.

What does destiny have in store for two such very different women?


Janna Lee Hayes

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Suspense, Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60435-081-4
Cover Artist: Red Rose Publishing
Editor: Amy Cummings
Word Count: 1,650
Release Date: May 08, 2008

BUY NOW - $0.99

Melissa and Finn have been married for five years. Melissa is by no means "Becky Homecky," but Finn loves her just the way she is. Finn arrives home to take Melissa to his family's annual holiday party with a surprise present: a hand-crafted ring. Little does he know that Melissa has a surprise of her own.



Dana Littlejohn

Mainstream Romance: MC/IR, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60435-105-7
Cover Artist: Kato Rain
Editor: Belle
Word Count: 11,830
Release Date: May 08, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Do cops always want to protect and serve?

Gerald Dixon is a wounded cop shot in the line of duty. He was tired, hurt and confused. He’d been a cop most of his life and was now being asked to retire early and was sent Louisiana to heal and think it over.

Margarita Malveaux was a ghost killed by voo-doo. The spell that killed her had a loophole that could save her: a stranger, who didn’t believe in voo-doo, had to willingly go through 3 challenges.

Would Gerald be up for a physical challenge, a mental challenge or a challenge that would push his own belief system to the very edge? Could Margarita convince him to take on the challenges that would free her, giving her the peace she longed for and bring him the happiness he didn’t know he needed?


Jennifer Mueller

Mainstream Romance: MC/IR, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-118-7
Cover Artist: Celia Kyle
Editor: Jean Paq
Word Count: 2,070
Release Date: May 08, 2008

BUY NOW - $0.99

With The New Guy, will more than oil get heated up and changed?

Oil changes: the most boring thing in the world. Right?

Not when the new guy, Kate has been fantasizing about finds out and isn't afraid to do something about it.



RaeLynn Blue

Erotic Romance: MC/IR, Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-148-4
Cover Artist: Celia Kyle
Editor: Jennifer Puckett
Word Count: 22,600
Release Date: May 08, 2008

BUY NOW - $2.99

Will being stranded be the worst or the best thing that could happen to Zuri?

Zuri Hines is on the brink of beginning her new life, minus her ex-boyfriend. Yet when she ends up stranded in Oklahoma, she feels her plans starting to unravel. As a mysterious man publicly performs self-stimulating acts, but only if she watches, is she flirting with danger?

Or entertaining an old fantasy?

Jake Lysette has been in many women's beds and has devoured the sexual energy of even more since becoming an incubus. Yet when a freak blizzard leave him stranded in Oklahoma, will a shy, strong-willed Black woman be the key to satisfy his ravaging hunger for eternity?

Warning this title includes highly erotic scenes, some anal scenes, and exhibition scenes.

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07 May 2008

Chateau Despair

I am delighted that Chateau Despair is coming out tomorrow. This is a big saga that spans from the 1920's and covers WWII and after. It is the story of Clothilde, who is brought up in France and lives in a crumbling chateau with her half-mad grandmother. Clothilde is caught in Paris during the war and joins the Resistance.

Christine is brought up in a beautiful country house in England. Her main problems are clothing coupons and unrequited love.

What can these two woman have in common? And what will happen when they meet?

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05 May 2008

The Attic Ball scheduled for May 8 release

My Mainstream Historical Paranormal Romance short will be available soon. The Attic Ball is scheduled for release on May 8 at Red Rose Publishing. I can’t wait. If you want a quick and easy romance read, check it out.

BLURB: A Walden woman heads to the attic to revive an ancient ritual, which has been handed down from generation to generation. With the aid of an old trunk, containing some ancient props consisting of a lovely antebellum ball gown and a Confederate uniform, she summons the main participants, her long deceased great great grandparents.

I’ll come by next week with an excerpt.
*doing the happy dance*
Taylor Kincaid

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02 May 2008

Red Rose Author Free Story

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