09 April 2008

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Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple

Dana Littlejohn

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Red Rose Publishing


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Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple

Centuries of war with werewolves has left the Dioni Vampire Clan with no women of their race and on the brink of extinction. Mankind has become their only hope to rebuild. Annually, the clans grant one warrior the privilege to select a wife, and this year’s recipient of the honor is Jonathan Destori.

Kenya Baxter is a voluptuous ebony beauty. She has no trouble handling herself in and outside of the bedroom. She meets Jonathan after a park incident and befriends the vampire. Kenya offers to show him around New York so Jonathan can get a true taste of what the city has to offer after dark.

Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple is part of the Dioni Chronicles series.

I found Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple to be an enjoyable read. Kenya isn’t the average rail thin woman so often portrayed in novels. It was nice to read about a woman who has not allowed her weight to dictate how she lives her life, or society’s image of beauty to squash her confidence. Kenya is strong of mind, body and spirit. Jonathan is a delicious dish who at times seemed too blind to recognize what a true gift Kenya was. Dana Littlejohn has delivered a deliciously wicked treat that is sure to please lovers of the genre.

Reviewed by: NeNe

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