29 May 2008

Meet Eros...

Well actually meet Rico... Yes ladies, his name is Rico Elbaz and he is from Las Vegas... Now some of you might be wondering how the heck did I find out who the mystery man from my cover is... (and some of you who know me will no be surprised in the slightest! LOL) Turns out someone wrote to me and told me his name and website... I went and looked and yep, it was him... So I wrote to him to let him know he was on my cover. Then Rico, the super nice guy he is wrote back to me (insert giggles here) and he even sent me a friend request on MySpace... I have him on my top friends now (can you blame me??) so if you go to my page you'll him there. (A word of advice... GO LOOK AT HIS PAGE... Holy geez... Tell me that background pic isn't freakin amazing!!)

So go treat yourself to some incredible eye candy... all fat free...lol

1 comment:

Jane Beckenham said...

That sure is one hunka burning lurve kinda guy. - yummo.