11 September 2008

New Release from Red Rose Publishing!

Lost by Sascha Illyvich

Series Title:The Opeth Pack Saga
Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60435-200-9
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Brissa Ryan
Line Editor: Sherri Good
Word Count: 16,604


Run! Run as fast as you can, holding on to one another’s hand, slipping into the night!

Marco is a confused, angry young wolf who was sent from Hungary to America for causing trouble amongst the Opeth pack. He cannot return until he has matured and found inner peace.

Selene is the former Opeth Pack witch and wishes to remain that way until pack leader Kiba calls in a last favor. Aware that she’s being manipulated by the Prophecy, the story that strongly suggests the fate of the Opeth pack, she reluctantly agrees and takes charge of Marco.

But the young wolf meets her and has his sights set on more than just a little personal care.

Will the TLC be more than Selene can handle or will she see beyond it?


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Marco stared at the redhead standing before him. Dressed in a dark blue velvet long sleeved shirt and skintight blue jeans, she walked closer swaying her hips. He was splayed out on the plush white couch expectantly, as she stood over him. Her fiery red hair was pulled back in a ponytail that swished around her hips. His body reacted by tingling; the beast inside him would have howled if it were out.
“How did I get here?”
“You kissed me, and I had my knockout lipstick on. You fainted. You do look yummy for a young pup,” she purred.
Marco licked his lips.
“So, what’d you do to get that punishment?”
Marco sat up. “What’s it to you?”
“Easy there big boy. I’m here to help.”
She took a seat beside him, crossing those luscious thighs. He couldn’t stay defensive when confronted with her body. Smiling at her bare feet, Marco licked his lips.
“Cute,” he pointed at her glittery green toenail polish.
“Thanks. I try.”
“So, what am I doing here?”
“I’m helping your pack watch over you for the first month of your banishment.”
“How’d I get that lucky?”
“Let’s just say that they owe me.”
Leaning back against the soft cushion, Marco sighed. Running a hand through his hair, he realized it was still dirty. “Could I get—”
“Shower’s down the hall and to your left.”
“Thanks.” Marco didn’t acknowledge the feeling of a little probe inside his head, saying instead. “How’d you know?”
“I have my ways. Besides, as cute as you are for a young pup, you smell of trash. Why the hell they had to throw you in that alleyway for me to find is beyond me. What’d you do?”
“Tell me your name first.”
Marco sniffed the air, the scent of daisies stood out, among other things. “You want me, don’t you?” he asked, easily recognizing the scent of her arousal.
“Get in the shower, boy.” Selene licked her lips.
Turning around, Marco felt a hand shove him down the hallway. “Hey,” he protested but was shoved past off-white walls with a few pictures he didn’t see.
Her slender arm pushed beneath his, opening the wooden door in front of him. Light spilled onto a lavish purple rug that sat on gray tile.
“You’re very well to do,” he muttered before his vest was yanked off his shoulders and tossed aside.
“Look, lady I can undress myself. Marco spun around to face her. Who did she think she was, undressing him as though he were still a pup?
Her mouth plundered his. Her soft lips melted his rough edges and he let it happen. Suddenly he didn’t care that he was being ordered around. In fact, he kinda liked it. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he easily hoisted her onto the black countertop. Marco felt her thighs circling around his waist, pulling him into her. “I’m not gonna pass out again, am I?”
“That depends, if I’m too hot for you or not.”
Feeling her breath against his skin when she giggled, he arched his hips towards hers. “Oh, we’ll see,” he promised.
She licked the corner of his mouth
Grinding his hips harder, he felt her lips vibrate against his ear. She purred, making the hair on the back of his neck stand on edge. Her fingers gripped a patch of hair and forced his head to hers, their lips pressing against each other so hard, she forced a breath from Marco. He was surprised by her strength.
“Wolf, take these off.” It was a command she growled against his neck as he felt her tug his jeans. His heart began racing when he felt her hand snaking down his stomach.
“You’re hard.”
“You’re quick.”
Throwing her head back, she pressed her breasts against his chest. Marco cupped them through the thick material of her top, squeezing. She moaned, when his thumbs circled her nipples into tiny peaks.
A hand ripped open the snap of the jeans, yanking down his zipper. “No boxers? Nice,” she purred and licked his lower lip.
He bit at her tongue catching it between his lips—a little game. He unhooked her bra and helped slide it down her arms while below his cock sprang free, the bulbous head bobbing proudly against her jean-clad thigh.
“Shower, now.” Two hands forced him away.
With his pants falling around his ankles, Marco spun around and stumbled over his pants before kicking them free. Nearly falling in the shower, he grabbed the curtain rod, shoving the large purple shower curtain aside to reveal black tile. The slap echoed. Stinging pain raced through his body from his ass.
“Ouch!” He looked back to see Selene grinning.

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