20 November 2008

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New Releases

November 20, 2008


Untamed: Sting of the Scorpion by Kenna Fallon

Erotic Romance: Historical/Period
ISBN: 978-1-60435-261-0

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Kidnapped and delivered into the arms of one shockingly handsome warrior, Aleash could not help but admire the man who proclaimed himself her protector. She outright defies his demands, willfully outwitting him as she tries to escape the increasing desire found within the tender embrace of his arms.

Fearing her heart will be broken if she does not rid herself of his intoxicating presence, Aleash plans her timely escape in hopes to free her soul from the lust she knows will ultimately consume her.

Scorpion is a man who is as dangerous as his name. Enjoying his life of riches and women, he is surprised at the feelings one single hellion can arise in his heart. But he is dealing with no ordinary woman.

Amidst many erotic nights spent within her embrace, Scorpion realizes he must tame the one woman who has taken his heart, branding her as his own. Can she be tamed or will the wild women in her let loose?

Fantasies: Thanksgiving by Cassandra Gold

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, GLBT - m/m, Holiday - Thanksgiving
ISBN: 978-1-60435-225-2

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A vacation in Paradise, but is it?

For fifteen years, slacker Teddy Christopher and straight-laced Parker Denton have been best friends, despite the numerous scrapes Teddy has gotten them in. When Teddy invites Parker to come with him on a working vacation to check out a resort his ather is considering buying to add to the Fantasies chain, Parker doesn’t hesitate to go.

Then an unexpected and unwelcome visitor from home arrives, and somehow Parker finds himself caught up in another one of Teddy’s wild schemes in order to get rid of her. Now Teddy’s acting strangely, Parker’s feeling things he shouldn’t be, and they’re both forced to play roles.

Can their friendship survive this vacation?

My Best Friend's Sister by Tiffany Parker

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-188-0

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Is Forbidden Fruit always the best?

The exceptional beautiful Alexandra Carter wants the philandering Kimble Brown, had since she was old enough to really take notice of her brother's best friend. There are unfortunately two major hurdles standing in her way, her brothers and Kimble. Not only is Kimble a notorious ladies man, he has been friends with her brother’s for years. Unfortunately, because her brothers know so much about Kimble there is no way they going to approve of him dating their only sister.

Kimble Brown, a self admitted player is more attracted to Alexandra than even he wants to admit. He feels in his heart that she is the one woman he would gladly turn in his player’s card for, but what if he's wrong? What if once he has had her, she becomes just another conquest to him? Because of his undeniable attraction to her, he has to decide what was more important. The friendship he had with her brothers or the undeniable feeling he has for Alexandra? If he gives in to his feeling and seduces the lovely lady, his friendship might not survive? Unable to contain their feeling for each other Alexandra and Kimble are about to face the consequences of giving into temptation.

Interlude by Cassidy Ryan

Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-260-3

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Can an encounter be what they need or will it pull them apart?

Olivia and Matthew have been married for ten years, but their relationship is as passionate today as it was the day they first met. A warm summer evening, a single red rose and a small oasis in the heart of the city results in an encounter that neither is likely to forget anytime soon.

Her Royal Protégé by Tamelia Tumlin

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Desert Rose - Sheikhs
ISBN: 978-1-60435-237-5

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Vroom, Vroom! Rev up your Engines and be ready to roll!

Public Relations Specialist Jada McGuire is on a mission to find a prince. Due to an unfortunate tragedy the Androvian throne sits empty awaiting its next heir- the illegitimate son of the former king. In order to save the monarchy she must find him ASAP. She just doesn't count on him being a sexy tough as nails biker from Texas without a royal bone in his body.

Rough around the edges, Luke Hansen, doesn't believe for one second that he is the next heir to the throne, but in order to find out the truth he must confront his past. A past he has been running from all of his life.

Can the lovely P. R. transform this biker into the king he was meant to be?

Slave Girl by Sheniqua Waters

Mainstream Romance: Historical/Period, Interracial/Multicultural, Desert Rose - Sheikhs
ISBN: 978-1-60435-185-9

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Kidnapped and sold into slavery, is there to life than what Laila experiences?

Kidnapped from her home in Cairo, Egypt, Laila is placed on an auction block in Constantinople and sold to work as a handmaid to a wealthy man and his daughter. Unhappy as a maid and leery of the lustful advances of her owner, Laila dreams of returning to her home.

Laila is sold to a Turkish harem where she catches the eye of the handsome yet arrogant palace heir, Kudar al Numan. As Laila fights to deny her feelings for Kudar, their relationship is threatened by the jealous rage of another woman.

To keep the couple apart, Laila’s nemesis hatches a plan to force her to make a choice…return to the family she loves or remain in her new life with her new love. Either choice may be seen as an act of betrayal. Which will she choose? And does going back to relive the past mean there is no hope for the future?

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