01 June 2012

Dangerous Darkness Series

   Darkness can be dangerous as my series with that title shows. All except the last book begins with a group of four special agents off on a hunt for rebels in the jungles of Central America.  Three of them watch their leader die from an enemy ambush.  The first, Shadow On The Floor then switches to one of the men, Dev, now no longer a special agent, but back to being a lawyer in Michigan's Upper Pennsula. When he's confronted with his elderly uncle's choice of a young and attractive women as a live-in helper, he believes she'ss taken the job to hide out.  Furthermore she avoids stepping on the shadow on the floor of his uncle's den as though she knows what it is...
   Hero of the second book, Watcher At The Door, is Mal.  No longer an agent, he's back in civilian life as a DNR Officer.  When he encounters an old flame who's taking care of her younger brother in a woodland cottage because their parents died in a fire that destroyed the house in town, he finds the heat between them in still there. But who or what is stalking her? Just a rogue bear--or something far more dangerous?  
   The third book, Terror From Before has a Native American hero, Joe, who returns to the rez when he's no longer an agent. But unknown to him, he brings a terrible danger with him which threatens the entire area as well as the woman he loves.  They must risk their lives as they return to the Central American jungles to try to rid themselves of of what he carries with him...
  The hero of the fourth and last book is Cy, their leader when they were agents.  But he's dead--how can this be?  Cy knows nothing of his past, but if he doesn't find out quickly, he'll be dead for sure.  The other three unite to help him and the woman who risked her own life to rescue Cy. Her dog plays a major part  because he... Well, I can't tell you anymore because it'd be a spoiler.  This book, like the rest, is set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
   All four books are paranormal suspense romances.  The first three are available at Red Rose Publishing or my website: www.JaneToombs.com.  I'm currently writing the fourth. 

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