16 January 2008

Check out some of my awesome Tales

Available and Coming Soon from Red Rose Publications

The Perfect Hero – Contemporary Romance
Blurb: Experiencing the worst case of writer’s block she’d ever faced, Cassandra Daniels feared she’d never finish her novel by her deadline. In walked Nicolas Henry and her hopes rose. Will he be the answer to her Hero problems? Or the end of her career and hope that true love actually exists?

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Bare Bones – Halloween Paranormal Romance
Blurb: On the run from the Lycan who turned him during the full moon on All Hallows Eve, Christian Clarke isn't happy when he finds Joanna wandering through the woods searching for him. His inner wolf refuses to leave her side, yet his inner man wishes to keep her at arm’s length for fear that he won't be able to control his inner demons. Hearing her whispered profession of love, he reveals himself. Can he keep her safe from the pack that hunts him? Will Joanna love the beast he's become?

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Nature’s Whim – Paranormal Contemporary
Blurb: Ares had one goal, to become the most powerful of the old Gods, and with Mother Nature missing the time to act was now. But Mother Nature was back. She’d been reincarnated into the body of a young woman with a quick wit and sharp tongue who didn’t have a clue. Now Ares had to make the most difficult decision of his immortal life. Does he help Desdemona Carpenter get both her powers and the elements under control or does he smite what could be true love and aim for the power he so desperately desires?

Toss of a Coin – Time Travel Historical
Blurb: A grandmother’s last request, a mysterious old coin, and a heartfelt wish.
Armed with a mysterious package, Angelica travels to Scotland to fulfill the requirements of her grandmother’s will. The package contains an ancient coin and a letter telling her to make one wish. Angelica’s wish for true love sends her back in time and into the arms of a man who could make all of her dreams come true – if she’ll let him.

Psychotic: A SKIU Serial – Romantic Thriller
Blurb: Doctor Amy Allens isn't looking for love; she's looking for a killer. As a Psychoanalyst she can see into the dark minds that prey on humanity - but Detective Ry Stevens is a complete mystery.
Will their growing attraction make them a stronger team or will the sexual sparks be a distraction that costs them their lives?

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