23 October 2008

New Releases 23 Oct

October 23, 2008 Releases

Erotic Romance

EMERALD CITY by Melody Knight

Erotic Romance: Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60435-246-7

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Loving, lustful…living? How will she exorcise this spirit she has loved for so long? How do you "dump" a dead man?

Claudia has it all—a long-awaited opportunity to work in Berenike, the ancient Egyptian Emerald City; a colleague interested in pursuing their relationship further; the thrill of ancient artifacts mingled with new discoveries. Her paranormal episodes may even be an advantage here, offering her some insight into past events.

There's a part of her paranormal peculiarities that she'd like to leave behind, but he doesn't seem to be willing. Nigel, her spectral lover, has much more carnal interest that one would normally expect from the deceased. He's been visiting Claudia for six years, but Claudia wants a fresh start, particularly after meeting Carlton—CT—Sheffield. CT is an expert on Egypt, but he'd clearly like to become an expert on Claudia, too.

Now, Claudia must contend with two lovers vying for her favors—one living, and the other—unfortunately—dead.

Which would you chose?

THE PUREBRED by Rorrey Lynch
Daughters of Dagda Series: Book 3

Erotic Romance: Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60435-207-8

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Macha, a warrior goddess and patron of horses, has been sent by the Dagda, highest of the Irish deities, to find true love on Earth. Like her sisters, she has twenty-one days to find a mortal to love her or she will perish. Like Aeval and Cliodna before her, Macha must face not only the perils of existence on earth but a treacherous enemy of the gods and goddesses who plots against them.

When 'Mac' meets Michael Moran, a man who shares her love of horses, she falls for him as she has never fallen for a mortal. She knows that her need to dominate and control may push him away but old habits die hard.

Michael has come to the Everglades with his daughter to race with their Arabian endurance horses. How could he have known that he would find an enchanting exciting, seductive woman there? Or that with her she would bring all the fury of Baylor, her father's enemy, and the Fomorians, his fierce army of evil fairies?

Together they must face not only the dangers of the swamp and the wild wetlands but the evil that lurks beneath . . .

AFTER THE STORM by Jaxx Steele

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, GLBT - m/m
ISBN: 978-1-60435-226-9

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What will the storm bring forth in Ethan and Marcus and will they be able to weather the storm?

Ethan Conrad was sent to Indiana to run the latest hotel his father had opened. It was a punishment for a scandal he caused. Marcus Devereaux was a victim of Katrina. The storm had destroyed everything he knew. He followed others to start make a life for himself.

Ethan hired Marcus to build an addition to his home and had fallen for Marcus almost immediately. His shy demeanor, sexy body and sultry accent captured Ethan, but he couldn't get the man to talk to him.

Could Ethan be the one to awaken the heart of a man that has had everything taken from him? Or would the wall Marcus had around his heart be too much for Ethan to tear down?


Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Holiday - Halloween
ISBN: 978-1-60435-110-1

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Can hot steamy chocolate and warm vanilla mix or are they separate? Never the two to twine? Is it time for a nice treat or is it only a trick, a slight of the hand?

Clare's ex-fiancé treated her like a queen: he was kind, attentive to her needs in bed and b-o-r-i-n-g. He never made her do what she wanted him to make her do.

From the moment Clare sets eyes on David at a Halloween party, her hormones go wild with desire. His arrogant smile promises something darker, deeper and more intense. He is Trouble - with a big, big T. And yet, the mistake of letting him would be even bigger.

David believes love is not worth the pain it brings, no matter how divine Clare looks in her goddess costume. To him, she is just a rich white girl bored of vanilla sex, and he is happy to show her a good time.

So why does he melt inside every time their eyes meet?

Mainstream Romance

TRIX & A TREAT by Aliyah Burke

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Holiday - Halloween
ISBN: 978-1-60435-218-4

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Thirty year old senior computer programmer, Marlene "Trix" Levy has worked for Cyanic Flame for the past seven years. She was a hard worker and what she didn't need was the attraction she felt for the newest person there, a very handsome Caucasian named Troy.

A Mercenary, Kenneth Troy Franklin, also was a computer nerd. His uncle headed the division he was called in to discover a thief at Cyanic Flame. Her dark beauty had turned his head the first time he ever saw her picture and he will protect her no matter what the cost.

A late night dinner leads to weeks of love, flowers and gifts as Troy woos the woman of his dreams even as he investigates her.

After the truth comes out can he hold onto her love or will she throw it all away because of a trick? Halloween night will prove whether or not he can keep his Trix and get his treat.

DARK MOON MAGICK by Rose Marie Wolf
The Moon Series: Book 4

Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal - Shifter
ISBN: 978-1-60435-158-3

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Werewolf Rose Barnett has a serious problem: She's pregnant and unsure who the father of her child is. To make matters worse, her husband, Jason, is gone, unknowing that she is even carrying a child and a new werewolf arrival to the PRDI brings a wave of unexplained "accidents", that threaten her and her unborn child…

As Rose's pack bands together to uncover the truth behind the accidents and keep her safe, Jason works ceaselessly to find out the truth behind his growing psychic abilities. When an unexpected psychic call for help leads him to a research facility, Jason meets a strange woman who may be the key to discovering his true self. But before he can return home with his findings, he must stop a new threat before it is too late for them all.

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