23 April 2009

What's new: Safe Sex Incorporated

"Safe Sex Incorporated" is a new release at Red Rose Publishing!http://redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/product_info.php?products_id=378


Skyla is a PR officer for a 22nd century company that makes a special kind of condom: one that protects the user from the 21st century disease called love. In her world, love is an obscene word and a banned emotion. As with all prohibitions, the love prohibition has given rise to a pro-love group, a group whose actions may jeopardize Skyla's dream of a promotion.

Jin is a school teacher - or is he something more? Skyla is instantly drawn to him and when they are together, she forgets about Love Condoms....

“Meet me for cyber-sex tonight,” whispered the teacher. 

She raised her eyebrow in a deliberately ambiguous reply. She had never done that before. Played silly games. 

The 21st century must be catching up with me, she thought as she listened to the familiar words:“It must have seized the body and the mind like a strong disease. Another plague that science has erased, even from the memories..." (Safe Sex Inc)

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Shirin Dubbin said...

Just finished the excerpt on the RRP site. You've got me! Can't wait to read it.