30 April 2009

Why I Love Romance Novels

When times are tough or when I'm just tired I like to curl up with a book, and what do I choose? A romance novel. Why are romance novels so satisfying?

  1. Romance novels are cheerful. The characters are attractive. They face serious, or not so serious, problem

    ms and come out winners.

  2. Settings in romance novels are attractive. In times like this most of us want to get away from our problems for awhile. Romance novels let you visit pleasant places, resorts, estates, and interesting villages. It's a cheap vacation.

  3. The characters in romance novels provide good role models. Seeing how another person solves their problems often gives us clues in how to solve our own.

When I started writing seriously, I chose to write a romance novel. For many years my husband and I bred, raced and trained Standardbred race horses. The world of harness racing is very exiting, but more than that it's filled with heartwarming stories of winning horses and winning trainers, drivers and owners. In Summer's Story I created my own world of racing excitement, romance and conflict. For me, conflict is important in a romance. In order to be a winner you have to overcome obstacles and Summer Langston, the heroine of Summer's Story has plenty to cope with. Two men are in love with her and want to help her get her mare, Meadow, to the Hambletonian Oaks. How can she choose between Ned, a wealthy breeder, and Davis, a sexy racehorse driver? You'll have to read Summer's Story to find out. Of course, there has to be a villain. Max Schiller wants Summer's horse. If he can't have Meadow. He wants Summer out of the racing game – permanently. It's exciting stuff when danger lurks on the race track and in the bedroom.

If you read Summer's Story, I hope you get a good vacation with characters you come to love.


Raven Starr said...

Yay, I'm the first to comment. I love the cover and horses. This book sounds like a wonderful summer vacation that I most definitely need.

Happy Writing and reading, my friend. Big Hugs and keep up the great work.
See ya on the Flipside.

Nancy Famolari said...

Thanks for the comment, Raven. I do think romance novels make great vacation reading!