06 July 2009

NEW Contest! Win a fantasy for your home spa


Well I am very excited about my new hobby. Making custom bath and beauty products that can make a simple bath time into a luxurious spa experience. My husband thinks I should combine my two hobbies and share my soap with my readers. I agreed and made up these fabulous handmade soaps to celebrate my book Dragon Heat.

I can't tell you how addictive this scent is, which I nicknamed Dragon Berry Wine Soap. This soap is filled with extra goodies and rich oils that leave your skin feeling soft, and is a pleasure to use as well as look at.

So how do you win these little beauties? It's easy.

1 Entry for commenting on this blog

10 Entries for blogging, twittering or just bragging on your social network about my ebook Dragon Heat with instructions on how to enter this contest(myspace or facebook)--just email the link

10 Entries for reviewing the book on a site like Amazon.

25 Entries for buying the book and emailing me the receipt at lyons_missy (at) yahoo (dot) com

Your chances of winning are higher because I plan to give away ten of these special soap bars this month, not just one. So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

Lots of love to you all,
Missy Lyons

Here's a little something about Dragon Heat

Dragon Series: Book 1
Missy Lyons

Erotic Romance: Paranormal (Shifter)
ISBN: 978-1-60435-061-6
Cover Artist: Red Rose™ Publishing
Editor: Red Rose™ Publishing
Word Count: 62,800
Release Date: February 28, 2008

Can destiny be fulfilled or will she deny what is her heritage?

Alyssa lost everything, first her mother, then her father, her money, and even her title. She came back from Europe for her father’s funeral only to find herself thrown in jail on trumped up charges. She escaped prison and found herself embraced by the Elisaid, a group of women who were the last of the cursed Druid descendants.

They believe she is prophesied to break their curse. They teach her the ways of a warrior and Alyssa discovers she has a secret heritage and a gift for magic. It was the perfect way to get her revenge on the man who marked her and stole everything from her. She had no interest in love or anything to do with men, only revenge.

Prince Xanther has a responsibility to his people, or he would never have sought out the Elisaid. His father’s life is at stake, and someone is trying to overthrow the throne. Xanther recognizes Alyssa at first sight as one of his people, and decided then and there to claim her as his own. She is marked as a dragon, by the house of Sinclair.

He is compelled to show her what true pleasure she can feel in his arms, until destiny rips them apart.

Can she deny him or her secret heritage?

Book Reviews
"I found this a read full of wit, humor, and an amazing insight into the human psyche. I was drawn completely into the world Ms. Lyons created... while the sex was great, it was the way it meshed as a whole that made it work. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment."
~ WitchGiggles from Alternative-Read.com

Available at www.redrosepublishing.com

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