16 July 2009

New Releases 16 July

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~ July 16, 2009 ~

New Releases (eBook)

The Legends of Loving, Texas Anthology
Jenette DuPris

Erotic Romance: Western, Paranormal (Shifter)
ISBN: 978-1-60435-373-0
Price: $2.99

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When her uncle left her in the dust of Loving, Texas, Honey Carrington survived by keeping house at the Moonlight Hotel, all the while dreaming of marrying a respectable rancher. But dangerous is the only word for tall, dark and handsomeTexas Ranger, Brett Masters. She's drawn by the velvet caress of his voice, but becomes suspicious of his admiring appraisal of her when he warns his friends she belongs to him.

With a risky job like Brett's, and still on the hunt for rogue werewolves who killed his parents, he figures love can only leave a widow. Leader of the wolf pack, he never expected to find his mate, until he met Honey.

Now he must prove in front of witnesses, according to the pack law love ritual, that she belongs to him. When her life is threatened, he must protect her at all cost from the last of the rogue werewolves. But can he?

The Daughters of the Dagda Collection: Book 4
Rorrey Lynch

Mainstream Romance: Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-361-7
Price: $2.99

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Phoebe, the Mistress of the Wild, protector of untamed beasts, orphans and society's cast-offs, quickly falls under the enchantments of Africa's magical Okavango Delta and a black wilderness guide named Peter. But the timeless magic is quickly overshadowed by her tormented visions . . . visions of betrayal and danger.

Peter is sure that the prophecies of the Wise Ones are coming true. Suddenly confronted with rogue elephants, problem leopards, venomous snakes and bush fires, Peter, who knows the Delta like the back of his hand, believes that the darkest threats are those that invade his dreams. Though irresistibly beautiful, Phoebe, the white huntress, might be the very demon of the prophecies of the Wise Ones . . . the woman who will end his life.

Into the darkness, Phoebe and Peter will be drawn into the clutches of her father's treacherous enemy.

Cornered by supernatural soldiers of evil and the echoes of betrayal that enslaved her people thousands of years ago, can they defy the prophecies and forge a powerful union that will change the world?

Sarah Masters

Erotic Romance: Paranormal, BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60435-362-4
Price: $2.99

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Brought to Madam V's remote dominatrix castle by a calling and yen to start a new life, Thlya Straus falls in love with Will and discovers that destiny had more in store for her than she could have ever imagined—by turning her into a wolf.

Thyla learns a well-kept secret and is forced to make a decision. Can Thyla fully join the pack at the castle and fulfill prophesized events? Or will she turn her back on what, in her former life, she would have deemed insanity—and ultimately turn her back on Will, the love of her life?

Fate deems Thyla Le Saint, but only Thyla can agree to own such a title and lead the pack—by becoming a wolf herself. However, Thyla's transformation means that Madam V's life will be expunged.

Donna McClaire

Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-370-9
Price: $5.99

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Brenda Maxwell's new interior design client tells her to "paint, wallpaper, whatever" his hundred-year-old landmark mansion, "but for God's sake, don't go overboard." When she figures her grandiose plans will fit handily into his edict's "whatever" section, she launches them into a constant head-bumping mode.

Brenda's poor money management skills (that's his view, but what does he know?) and lawyer David Hasbrough's ridiculous need to control her life (that's her well-reasoned evaluation of the situation) combine to keep the battle going. Add a dollop of "the other woman's" interference, throw in secrets about the house and both their pasts, fold in a dab of parental abuse and a pinch of good old-fashioned mistrust, and you have a recipe for disaster. Is this couple's romantic goose cooked?

Well, he is a great guy. Headstrong, maybe, but she can't be near him without sparks flying and goose bumps popping out everywhere. Yet—well, that mansion has to be done right!

Lisa Perry

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Comedy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-387-7
Price: $1.99

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"Face Your Fears… Vegas Style!"

Small-town girl, Samantha Monroe heads to Las Vegas for a new and exciting life. But her ethical career path falls short in Sin City, and a proposition for "one night, one dance" at the Pole Position could give her the financial boost she needs to survive. If only she overcomes her sudden fear of big-city stage-fright.

Brady Buchanan, young, impressionable pro-footballer is in town and dragged to the Pole Position by his teammates. But watching the attractive woman onstage make a complete fool of herself is too much for even QB Buchanan to handle.

Brady may be the man to steer Samantha towards a fulfilling career, all the while facing her fears… and his fantasies.

Eve Summers

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-368-6
Price: $2.99

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Why would a massage session in a Fiji holiday resort make Tanya the Ice Queen so sex-starved that she would actually consider paying for sex?

It can't be her project of researching Internet dating sites! Those losers wouldn't be able to turn on a woman even if she came complete with an ON switch.

It can't be the delicious island cocktails of tropical fruit, cream and vodka... even if their names (like Sex On The Beach and Hot Screaming Orgasm) make you blush when you order them.

What is making Tanya lose her focus? Could it be the tight black jeans on the tight black arse of Randy Andy, the alleged con artist?

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LaVerne Thompson

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-925-1
Price: $6.49

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Can the promise of love withstand the test of time?

Childhood friends, David and Mia know there is something special, something different about their friendship. But then David moves away and whatever that something is they never have the chance to explore.

Mia waits twelve years for David to come back to her, knowing deep in her heart that one day he would. She made him a promise the day he left, she would wait for him, and she kept it.

Unbeknownst to her, he has also. He never forgets her. Not where it counts, in his heart. Now he has to prove it to her.

Unforgettable or is it a game he is playing?

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Marilyn Lee

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Rubenesque/BBW
ISBN: 978-1-60435-382-2

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When Tasha arrives home from work one night to find Neal has sent her a beautiful, apple-green chemise, she suspects he's ready to become her lover.

After his return from an extended business trip, he finds the full-figured Tasha ready to tempt him in a way he finds impossible to resist.


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