23 May 2013

Georgiana Louis Kicks Off A New Series With Her Latest Red Rose Publishing Release

THE RELUCTANT DUKE by Georgiana Louis

The Spares Book One

Colin Lyre, recently inherited 10th Duke of Lincoln, has been told his whole life that he is superfluous to his family.   

When he must deal with the responsibility and stress that comes with his new title, he flounders rather badly. He is determined to do his ‘duty’’ and marry an ‘appropriate Duchess.’ 
Life throws Colin’s plans wayward when he rescues the beautiful Annabelle from a ball. She makes him realize how much better his life could be, but he doesn’t know if he truly deserves such happiness. 
Annabelle wants nothing to do with the responsibility of marrying a title. She simply wants to make a suitable match with a gentleman who can support her family. 
Colin is Annabelle’s perfect prince until she realizes what life as his wife would be like. However, making the rational decision to stay away from one another is much harder than either of them expects.


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