22 May 2013

Spotlighting The Second Book In Melissa Glisan's Dog Wild Series

FORGET ME KNOT by Melissa Glisan

Dog Wild Series Book Two

Dr. Celena Black tied regrets around her fingers like Forget-Me-Knots – each one about the man-wolf alpha, Madden “Red” Silvestri. After a decade of keeping his distance, Red needs Celena’s help as badly as he needs her love, but can their tangled past forge a clear future?  

As the weedy wildflower between rose triplets, being unforgettable wasn’t even a dream for Flora Daniels. But dreams are what Lupercus’ twin, Frank Horne, blames for his animalistic attraction to the natural beauty.  

What are a werewolf and a Roman god to do when everything goes to the dogs?


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