10 July 2008

Check Out My New Release

Hey All~Check out my latest release One Night at the Office with Red Rose Publishing.
This book is my first trip into the dark-side and I have to be honest I absolutely loved writing this book and I hope it shows.
Merris Hawk did a fantastic job on the cover.
Here's the blurb:

Mika Light Feather always felt as if there were something missing in her life. She traveled nomadically, bouncing from job to job in hopes of the next exciting new thing.

One ordinary day while sitting in a meeting, she unknowing volunteered for the experience of her life.

Working the night shift will never be the same again. Find out what exciting ideas her boss, Caleb King, has in store for her. One night could change her whole life. One night is all it takes to find love, lust and destiny.

Stop by www.redrosepublishing.com and check out this and other wonderful titles. Don't forget about our month-long celebration.

See ya on the Dark-side.

Raven Starr

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