22 July 2008

Red Rose Author Sascha Illyvich's new radio show!

www.radiodentata. com - Radio With Teeth is proud to be LIVE now! You can hear ME on my show: The Unnamed (as of yet) Romance show at Wednesday 10 AM. Thursday at 2:30 AM. I don't have the show schedule with me but on the show, I talk about the romance genre, read excerpts and bring issues to light that authors AND readers need to know about!

http://www.radioden tata.com - Radio with Teeth!

Check out the show host blog too! http://sascha. radiodentata. com for upcoming topics and other random shit!

I'll be reading excerpts from my upcoming release: "Lost" the first story in my Opeth pack series once we get through edits! I "may" have coverart this wek next :)

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