27 July 2008

FRAGILE for FREE! You still have 4 More Days!

In this day and age there is rarely anything for free. Usually there is some catch, some requirement, a minimum to buy or an amount you must give to receive the "free" item.

Well, Red Rose Publishing takes its first year anniversary quite seriously. As do myself and author, Shara Azod. We've had such a good relationship with Red Rose Publishing and our readers, we decided to write a free short story as a gift to RRP and to our readers.

That short story became FRAGILE. It is a romantic tale of love, pain, and envy. Here's a brief blurb about this surprisingly sweet tale.

blurb: Cayla was not the typical gun shot victim. A quiet waitress, she was brutally gunned down coming out of the neighborhood corner store. There was nothing taken, there was no motive, just a fragile, broken woman lying on the cold, broken sidewalk. Kale was not the easiest cop to get along with. Biting and sarcastic, he worked alone caring for little but the job. There was something about this case that Kale just couldn’t let go. There was something about this victim that called him unlike any other. Can they heal each other?

FRAGILE is only free for another four days. Once August 1st arrives, all free reads will revert to their regular price. For FRAGILE that's $2.99. So, go grab FRAGILE today!

Happy Reading!

RaeLynn Blue

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