01 May 2009

Getting Opposites To Attract

It’s Not Just In Physics Anymore

I initially wrote Tanner's Devil, my upcoming book with Red Rose Publishing in 2007. Now that it's 2009, I've had to dig through my memory of the experience.

Good thing I wrote it live which helped when i went back to review readers comments about the book.

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Anyhoo, after refreshing my memory and as I go through with my editor (Hey Faith) of making this story even more perfect for new readers, I sit here and wonder, how the heck had I created something way out in left field.

Not only did I create it? But it was darn good!

This isn't the first time I've come out of left field, but this was my most unusual.

So how did Tanner's Devil come to fruition?

Well first let me tell you about the story.

Tanner has lived hard on Detroit's streets all her life. Medical expertise passed down from generation to generation, she's trying hard to become a legitimate doctor because she wants to better herself. Unfortunately money is running short and she has less than 24 hours to come up with the last payment for her tuition or she can forget about graduation this year.

Her hope is to get a street gig so bad she gets the money, but that's not the case. She gets tempted by a lot of money to turn to her old profession - the oldest profession of all time and she knows if she doesn't accept escaping this life will have to wait.

Accepting this assignment means that she has to become Donetello's woman again. And this time he won't let her go.

Devlin, a duke and a virgin finds himself upset after discovering his fiancée having sex on their wedding day in the back room of a church with his brother. Wandering off to find his equilibrium, he ends up in Detroit, where he has resolved to end his celibacy by arranging to have a woman - any woman.

To his pleasure, he gets Tanner and one time isn't enough.

That's off the top of my head, but that's enough to get you knowing what I'm going to explain in the next part. Plus I just needed that amount to get your reading appetite wet.

Early 2007, I was challenged by a group of readers and writers to come up with a story of two unlikely people. The trick was that they came up wit hthe characters.

For the heroine, they chose Tanner. An ex-street walker, current street doctor trying to get out of the life she was living. She was pretty enough and not only with street smart but book smart, but determined to get to her goal in life - away from the one she was living, and not relying on any man. She didn't want love in her life, because the last time she had been in love (which had been with Donetello), it had deterred her too much from her goal.

For the hero, we have a thirty-year-old virgin, Devlin. A man who had honed his body and mind to please a woman, but will not give up his innocence because it is the only way he can keep the dukedom title his mother inherited through the Queen of England. He fully intended on losing his virginity very very soon until he found his soon to be wife having sex with his no good brother on their wedding day.

Now how were they to meet? I mean Tanner was from Detroit. A hood rat, street chick and had never stepped outside of Detroit for more than 24 hours.

And Devlin was a world traveler. Detroit was like Mars. Somewhere he'd maybe like to go, but really wasn't that interested in it.

My job as a writer was to bring these two opposites together.

On top of their status, there was also the fact that Devlin was white and Tanner was black.

Devlin expressed his emotions. Tanner kept her emotions to herself. Devlin dressed professional all the time, while Tanner loved to dressed comfortably. Devlin ate in palaces and mansions food so expensive, it would take Tanner a year to afford the kind of food he ate in just one week.

They were on the far ends of the character line and bringing them together was not only a challenge, but a feat of monumental proportions.

Yet as I laid my fingers on the keyboard very excited about the possibility of jeopardizing Tanner's life with the rage Donetello was going to feel when he found out she was not going into his services like he wanted, I felt a pleasurable peace. Even though I knew I’d have to deal with the animosity Tanner was going to have to face from the fiancée desperately trying to get Devlin back. I was shaking in excitement. (That was a really long sentence I know, but this is a blog and I'm not working on limits.)

Tanner's Devil was an impossible feat, but challenging myself as a writer every time I introduce a story to my readers is fun. I really do love it and as I rode the wave of writing a story off the top of my head I literally had braingasms. Yes, Braingasms!

And knowing this, makes me smile, because I know if I had fun writing the book, I know my readers will have even more fun reading it.

I look forward to all your comments and so forth about Tanner and Devlin's "adventure," and I look forward to giving Red Rose Publishing even more of the imaginative minds of Sylvia Hubbard.

Look for Tanner’s Devil coming soon to Red Rose Publishing!!

Loves and kisses
Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard


Nancy Famolari said...

Sounds like a great story. Enjoyed your post!!

Sylvia Hubbard said...


I really enjoyed writing this book.

It was a new challenge to my adventures in writing.

Look forward to posting more about the book every first of the month until it's released!

Suprina said...

I read Tanner's Devil while it was being poured from off the top of Sylvia's brain onto the computer screen. I marveled at how well she kept all the characters and the plot on point.

Tanner's Devlis was/is an enjoyable read. I wish you all the best with it, Sylvia!

cinquetta said...

I am so happy for you Sylvia. You know I am one of your biggest fan. I read TANNER'S DEVIL when it was a live read. I enjoy it then and I going to enjoy it now. I cannot wait for its release.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

@ Sup: Thanks you so much. Coming from you, it means a lot a fellow author enjoys my work.

@ cinq: i'm honored at your support, gurl! I'm so excited!