04 June 2009

New Releases June 04

Red Rose™ Publishing

~ June 04, 2009 ~

New Releases (eBook)

Shirin Dubbin

Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-345-7
Price: $2.99

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Aftermath cleaner, Nia Mora, is destined to die—tonight. Severin, the inscrutable and utterly delicious harbinger of death has already arrived to bear witness… but damn his duty. He will not stand by and watch. Not when Nia Mora may be the Fae's last hope of survival.

Damn Severin and his heroic delusions. Fae-tech mogul, Zan Wynn, is equally drawn to Nia'Mora and as the quintessential--yes, those are your panties dropping--bad boy he can't be bothered to play fair.

Oblivious to her doom, Nia Mora's concern is for the missing Way, the very essence of the Fae and the reason they are trapped in the mortal world. That and the small matter of remaining single when she can't deny Severin's power over her or Zan Wynn's hypnotic pull. But is the nefarious Wynn a second potential mate or the prelude to her destruction?

Desert Rose Anthology
Debra Kayn

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Desert Rose, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-340-2
Price: $3.99

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Raised by the Prince of Antaka, Celina Rodriquez, is forced to leave the island and live life in America. Refusing to follow in the footsteps of her mother, she promises herself she will not fall for the charms of any American.

When Drake is asked to teach the Antakian princess the way women in California live, he thought he'd be busy teaching her about movies, yachting, and the local fashion. Instead he finds himself losing his heart to a woman who swears she has sexual moves that will rock his world, and thinks nothing of walking around naked.

Ms. or Mrs. QT Entertainment: Book 1
Tiffany Parker

Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-342-6
Price: $0.99

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TJ "The Snake" Robinson, the NFL superstar is in love with Tamela Marie Jones. She is the founder and CEO of QT entertainment and self-made woman of wealth. TJ has what some might consider a very controlling nature. Considering he doesn't see himself as controlling, just a man who wants to give his woman the desires of her heart. Can he change in time to keep Tamela from walking out of his life?

Tamela Marie Jones, Ms. QT entertainment watched her mother give up a lucrative career for her controlling father. What did she get for her efforts, three beautiful daughters that were the only bright light in her life and a broken heart. Can Tamela let go of old demons that threaten to have her destine to never hold on to a man for fear of losing herself?

The problem, both TJ and Tamela are very strong willed individuals. Can their strong sexual compatibility be the glue that binds them together? Or, will TJ's controlling nature, and Tamela's fear of loosing herself tear them apart?

The Gerard Sisters: 1
Josie St. Marie

Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-337-2
Price: $3.99

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Abandoned by her best friend at the beginning of a well needed vacation in Las Vegas, Blue Gerard hopes that sexy stranger Landen Avanti can help salvage her trip and turn it into a sensual escapade of new experiences.

Blue puts aside her good-girl sensibilities and dives into the bad-girl pleasures Landen offers. Landen is more than willing to pleasure the delectable Blue and turn a week of business into one of erotic fun. He willingly sheds is straight-laced persona and allows his amorous side full rein.

They both know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but, when their week of passionate exploration comes to an end will they be able to walk away?

Kissa Starling

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60435-350-1
Price: $2.99

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A whole new lifestyle with bondage, whips, and leather lingerie--what's not to like?

Goldi went for a walk in the woods and ended up at the home of the three bears, the three Burson Bear football players that is. She searched through the belongings of all three men but one drew her into his psyche. The things she found in his room made her yearn for things she'd never even knew existed. Their journey began with a football game, a parade, and a well-stocked dungeon. How it ends depends on Goldi...

Fiona Vance

Erotic Romance: Historical/Period, Regency
ISBN: 978-1-60435-336-5
Price: $1.99

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Lady Juliet De Mar is a confirmed bachelorette and a member of the exclusive London Literary Club, a secret sex club for the more libidinous of the London ton.

After taunting her childhood friend and wealthy sea captain, James Wakefield, with the club's bondage games, she finds herself once again longing for him to be something other than he is--a prude with no interest in sex. At least not with her. Tired of his annual visits that always end in rejection, Juliet decides to kidnap him and bring him to his knees--and to the altar--or end their acquaintance forever.

But her plan backfires when she's kidnapped herself and taken to the docks. Blindfolded and shackled, she becomes the property of a notorious pirate, the murderous Captain Black, purchased for his pleasure.

When her deepest, erotic fantasies become a dangerous reality, will Juliet be forced into submission?

Or will she learn what she needs to know to master James?

New Releases (Print)

Melody Knight

Mainstream Romance: Science Fiction/Futuristic, Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-951-0
Price: $9.49

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Is the dragon more than Policeman Colley can handle or will she teach him to fly high?

Ryon Colley can't understand what's happening to his life. This morning he was a policeman investigating a potential hazard: a sparking, flashing, rainbow-spitting light show in the sky overhead. The source of the odd light appeared to be an unruly-haired blonde hellion, who couldn't figure out what normal was. Her radiant display scared him, but his physical reaction to it scares him more. By lunchtime he's gone from having coarse brown hair, to sporting a head full of blond locks—and from facing felons, to fending off thousands of voracious dragonflies.

Glynt has been sent to Earth to guard the dimensional gateways, but her arrival spawns nothing but trouble. Quite accidentally, she's summoned swarms of dragonflies, and lured in captors determined to return her—clearly a mischief maker—to her own world. Only Ryon—her gilded hero and the object of her newfound dreams—can rescue her from certain death.

Can Ryon keep the fire burning in her or will it fade out?

Destiny Wallace

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-949-7
Price: $9.99

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Do opposites attract or do they end up going on to different things?

Sanai Jenkins meets her new neighbor Jake Miller and she's instantly attracted to the tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed sports writer. Sanai fights her attraction because she is currently dating a handsome, and more importantly black, doctor. So what if Jake is attractive, and doesn't mind that she loves a beer and a game more than most women?

Jake doesn't make it easy for Sanai to deny her feelings. He teases and tempts her and isn't put off by her judgmental mother, extremely involved older sister, and notably absent boyfriend.

How often does a man come across his perfect match?

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