01 June 2009

You're Invited to Our Birthday Bash!

And You Get the Gifts!

For: Shirin Dubbin, Dabra Kayn and Fiona Vance

Why: To Celebrate the Birth of Three New Authors at Red Rose Publishing

When: Starting June 1st through Release Day, June 4th

Where: The Love Vixens Blog http://lovevixens.blogspot.com

Come join three new authors being born at Red Rose Publishing - Shirin Dubbin, Dabra Kayn and Fiona Vance! There’s free cyber cake and punch, and you can even win three free books! (What’s a birthday party without games and prizes?)

Play Pin the Line on the Book and win a free copy of each of our three new releases…

Betraying the Prince

by Debra Kayn


by Fiona Vance

Keeper of the Way

by Shirin Dubbin

Debra Kayn, Fiona Vance, and Shirin Dubbin write in three different genres, but with one common theme...they are all full of romance! Oh...wait! There is one other tiny thing they have in common. The color green....

The Rules

Visit the Love Vixens Blog between June 1 and June 4 at noon, Pacific Time. There you'll find a blurb for each book, an erotic Regency, a spicy contemporary, and a steamy urban fantasy. After you read them, you'll see a line that appears in each of the books, each having something to do with the color green. Just match the line to the book! Piece of cake! Right?

Just leave your guess in the comments. Remember, we'd love for you to come back and keep this party rawk'n, so we're going to let you make as many guesses as you want up to June 4th. Enter as many times as you like between June 1st and 4thnoon PST, when we’ll draw the winning correct answer from a birthday hat. So don’t be shy, come on by! The winner will receive a .pdf copy of three books!

RSVP to: The Love Vixens, http://lovevixens.blogspot.com

June 1-4, 2009

Hope to see you there!

Fiona, Shirin, and Debra.


Debra Kayn said...

See you all over there! We are ready to party and have fun! Just be careful, because you wouldn't want to pin your answers on the eye candy!

Fiona Vance said...

LOL! I bet that would make him drop his little sign! :-)

Fiona :-)

Shirin Dubbin said...

=giggle= I wonder what he's hiding. Hmmmm...?