16 February 2008

Cassie's Sheikh

I have been posting on various websites today, and I took a look at amazon, UK and USA. I was amazed to find Cassie's Sheikh up at the USA site available on Kindle. I knew Wendi was putting her books up a few at a time but didn't really expect mine would be there just yet. I was thrilled to see it with the others, and so available. I am tempted to buy Kindle for myself but am not sure it would work in the UK. It may just be for American sockets as yet, but I am going to ask my IT man about it.

I have also found Cassie's Sheikh on Fictionwise. At the moment it is number ten in the Red Rose Publishing current list. I am not sure whether that means it is selling well or not. I shall have to wait and see. It was certainly nice to see it at amazon.

On the UK amazon they are now listing my Anne Herries and Linda Sole books together. I am not sure if this is a help to sales or not. I wondered what was going on at first, but I see that my mystery series is selling well. I have my fingers crossed for Cassie's Sheikh!

Best wishes to you all, Linda

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