09 February 2008

Dragon Heat will be debuting this month!

My first novel will be debuting this month at Red Rose Publishing at the ened of this month, and I have to tell you that I can't wait. Wendi, the editor-in-chief here at Red Rose, just let me know that it will be released February 28th.

Here is a quick blurb for all you lovebugs out there:

Dragons lead secret lives. How do you think the magic has lived this long? The have used their magic to mimic humans like chameleons, they live almost normal lives. Dragons are peculiar creatures and untrusting to outsiders, they are marked from childhood as dragons. But the outside world, knows them as life servants to the royal house of Sinclair. They do not leave the Island of Skye. They do not leave the walls of their homeland without the approval of their clan.

But it so happens that one day a young woman was stolen away and she had a child. The mother died young and the child had only her father to guide her. Alyssa Hawkins grew up to never know her heritage or where she came from.

It was not until her father’s death that she returned to the Island of Skye. Then her world was violently over turned. It was one unfortunate event after another that led her to train as a warrior woman with the House of the Elisaid. The cursed descendants of Druids, these brave women lived the life of a warrior. It was the perfect place for Alyssa to plan out her revenge on the man who killed her father. She lived there a year training and practicing her skills as a magician, waiting for the day to take her revenge. Nowhere in her life did that leave room for a man.

One night everything changed when Prince Xanther from the house of Sinclair made a visit to the House of the Elisaid. He recognized Alyssa for the Dragon she was. He claimed her as his, and vowed to never let her go.


Ever since the beginning, when I listened to the characters voices in my head and listened to their story unfold, I knew it was a story that had to be told. I wish it were simple, and that it could be one book, but with the cursed druid descendants and the dragons each vying for my attention, I have many more stories to tell beside this one, and look forward to several more stories to come.

With my schedule and my self imposed writing deadlines, I am not sure how long it will be before their stories are heard, but time is every writer's worst enemy. I have too much to read and too little time.

Please visit my website to learn more about my other stories and my current work in progress.

Lots of Love

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