10 February 2008

Coming Soon to Red Rose Publishing.....


I am a newly signed author at Red Rose Publishing. I have an upcoming release entitled "When Mariah Smiles". My story is a mixture of the modern day "Cinderella" and the age old "marriage of convenience".
My heroine was the target of teasing and taunting by Eva and her "cronies" in high school. As a result, Mariah would spend hours sketching and designing fashions. Today she is a well-known fashion designer. Her dream is to have complete control over all her designs. My hero is a self-made success story who has found himself in a financial predicament. Travis' dream is to regain control of his newly purchased cruise ship. His father has agreed to help them both...if they marry. Eva returns with a dream of her own.. to take Mariah's new husband.

....Eva continued, “Now she has to go and marry some big shot millionaire. Anthony was well off and I scored pretty big in the divorce settlement. Do you know that my mom was actually proud? She is always bragging about how Eva got this or Eva got that in her divorce decree. “Now she has to go and marry some big shot millionaire or something. I finally beat Mariah at something. Now she comes back and marries better. I can’t let her get away with that.”
“Eva, I hate to break it to you, but she already has.” chimed in Sharica.
“I wouldn’t go betting my implants on that honey.”, stated Eva in a voice dripping with venom.
“Let it go girl.”, Lindsay begged.
“All my life my mother has said the only thing I could do was pull men. I never got A’s. But I always got my man. And now, I’m gonna get hers...."

I am still awed by the opportunity to work with the talented authors at RRP and its' dedicated CEO, Wendi. She has given me the chance to make my dreams come true.

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Leigh N. said...

HI, Delores

Your book when Mariah Smiles seems to be an interesting plot.I love when the hero comes to recue the lady in distress.

I also like to see the haters get their come uppance.

Good luck with Mariah. I hope that we will see other characters as interesting as Mariah in the future.

Leigh Neal