23 October 2007

Happy End of Monday!

Hey All,
Happy Tuesday, hope your Monday was beautiful. Well I have to say that I am very proud. Due to all my deadlines for January of 2008, I worked on my wolf shifter story a little bit early. And guess what?....I am finished! Wolf Whispers is now officially my first paranormal and hopefully not my last. I am excited.

Secondly, my prayers go out to anyone who has someone or is in the midst of the Cali wildfires. Please hang strong and keep praying. You are all in my prayers and I am praying for some rain for you. Keep strong.

Well I should go to bed and be sure to check out Red Rose for all the contests happening and all the new and old releases.

Rainy days and Moonlit Kisses
Kendra Mei Chailyn

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