22 October 2007

What a weekend!

Aloha! I hope you’re doing great. It’s Monday morning and I had a long weekend. Let’s start with Friday.

Every two weeks I have a Friday off from work, and I took advantage to go get my hair cut. I cut 8-9 inches of my hair. I feel so liberated! My hair is super thick, and I have lots of it! So cutting 8-9 inches off was the best thing possible. Now it’s up to my shoulders and I love it. I will not spend 2 hours blowing out my hair LOL. Too bad it was raining, and my gorgeous hair cut died.

Later on Friday… I went to on of my fav stores, Trader Joes. HUGE mistakes, not only was it raining. It was SUPER crowded. I had to make a line around the store to pay. Insane! I will never go there on a Friday.

I went to The Hunt. The Hunt is a horse race event which benefits a Children’s Hospital in NJ. The Hunt could be described as a huge Jimmy Buffet tail gate party with out the Island Music. Like every year, I had a great time! Ate, drank, and I ruled flip cup! I have pictures I’ll upload them later! And yes I was in the boy’s team so yes I am good at flip cup (a drinking team).

One thing I wish I could have gone with out; being completely disappointed by a friend. It’s disappointing to see a friend so desperate to hook up, that they will hit on a woman that was so drunk she could barely stand straight. Then you tell your friend to cool it that the girl is in no condition, he tells you that he has a tradition and has to hook up at every Hunt, and he doesn’t care how drunk the girl is. I was sober during the Hunt so no I am not making this information up. And I was not the only person to tell him to cool it.

This is the kind of thing that keeps me single. As great some men can be, they can be equally disgusting. Thank goodness the good men in the world; like Frank and Tom (awesome brother friends!). Men like them give me hope that not all men are pigs.

I cleaned. I know exciting! But it had to be done. My room was a mess! Then I picked up my nephew for the week.

Over all I didn’t rest all weekend but I had a great time!

This sister friend Jinx is coming to visit and we are going to a Halloween party so we can’t wait! My costume it’s the best! So cute! I am also going to help out in my nephew’s schools Halloween Party. Think over 200 kids all full of sugar running around in costumes LOL! Eric, my nephew, is going to be Jack Sparrow.

Any who, I’ll stop yapping! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


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