31 October 2007

Things that make you go Hmmmm or Ewww

First off I just want to say Happy Holloween to everyone.

Ever had one of those days that you think it can't get any worst? Well that's what I thought yesterday will I was wrong things got worst.

I have a dog one that my kids and I love very much. Well he wasn't feeling to hot yesterday or the day before,so you'd think he just had a bad belly or something like that wrong.

See I found out today that if you have a male dog one that's NOT fixed they can get an enlarged prosstate it doesn't happen offten but it does happen and beleave you me when it does it's something that makes you go EWWW, because it's not pretty and it's painful to your pet. I found out that if you have your dog or cat fixed they are less likely to get this.

We sometimes forget that our pet's or any animale they are just like us. They can get cancer they can get sick, they feel pain and joy they love just like we do. So please if you have a dog or cat female or male get them fixed.So they don't have to go throu what my dog is going throu.It's not pretty and it's painful to them and they bleed outta thier pirvite part's

What'ss really sad is that you have no clue until they start bleeding down there then you get scared spitless cause that's what it did to me.Hell I just thought my dog had a belly ache boy was I wrong, If I had waited just one more day hard telling what might have happened to him. Don't wait, take them in even if it looks like they just have a belly ache one never knows it could be so much worst..


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