16 October 2007

Mountain's Echo by Debbie Gould, Coming Soon

Today, I'd like to vent about spousal support. This weekend I got the poor me lecture. You're always on the computer, you never spend time with me. The guy just doesn't get it. He has his passion, hunting, fishing, and others I wont mention. Can he not see writing is my passion. He was thrilled for me when I got the contract for Mountain' Echo through RRP. But with most men he wants instant gratification. When's it being released. What do you mean it's an e-book. Ect. AGHHH! My children are thrilled for me and totally get it. Why cant he? I hear so many stories about the supportive hubbies. I think mine was kicked out of line when they gave that skill out. Of course, I do love the man and haven't given up on him yet but STILL!!

So, anyone out there have the same problem or am I alone in my misery. Also just want to say the support from my fellow authors at RRP is amazing as is Wendi. It's what keeps me going.



Betty Ann Harris said...

Debbie, I can somewhat relate to your husband's lack of enthusiasm for your passion for writing. I tend not to write when my husband is around. Men are not the emotional creatures we women are, and for good reason. We are programmed differently. And although men can be happy that their mates have a passion for something and are good at it, they feel excited for them initially, but then move back into man-mode. You know, the mode that makes them breadwinners for their families, the great hunters and providers. Of course, everyone is different. Some men are a bit more out-going and creative and can closer relate to that emotional passion we women have. If you are relatively new to this writing venture, give him time to get used to it. Show him the covers when they get designed. Frame them and hang them in an area set up just dedicated to your wonderful talent. Be proud and ride on the wave of your accomplishments. Others will start to feel you passion themselves, even if just a little.

dlgould said...

Thanks Betty Ann, It helps to vent and hear stories from other authors even if their DH's are wonderful. It's nice to know they are out there.

Kendra Mei Chailyn said...

Hon some men just dont get it. So then you have to sit there and explain to them how it all works. Some times they feel ignored and they dont have the guts to say it so they find some other way to cover it up. But what do I know? I'm 24 and haven't had a relationship longer than two years. Maybe I got it all wrong but *shrugs* who knows?

I have a couple of guy friends who are over the top for me and they try to support me with everything. One is one of my Ex-boyfriend but he still stands by me.

My parents on the other hand, they don't understand why I use an alias to write under, and they dont understand the e-book thing either...so they ask all these questions about it and every time I say "I have an e-book" they ask the same questions and here we go again!

I know how you feel...Just hang in there hon, you'll figure something out. I may be young and don't know how this husband thing works, but I faith....

Kendra Mei Chailyn

Tambra said...

My spouse hates my writing, wants me to make BIG MONEY right now and then hand it over to him to spend. (That is so not happening.)

I fight for my time to write. I'm on disability and the jerk I'm married to never takes my physical problems into consideration.

I won't stop writing.

Hugs to all,
Tambra Kendall

dlgould said...

Sometime,s I wonder why we bother. Then the jerks will do something totally wonderfull and I remember. Sorry I'm not alone in the unsupportive husband thing.