01 August 2008

Azod & Blue Contest!!! Get Your Copy of Fragile & Win!!!

Life is FRAGILE. Love is even more so. What happens when two people filled with holes, one emotional, the other physical meet? Can a fragile love grow beyond amongst enormous pain?

In honor of the release of FRAGILE, Shara Azod and I are sponsoring a contest to help enlarge your reading library. We’re giving away a $25.00 (USD) gift certificate to Amazon.com. How can you snag this gift certificate? It’s so easy…read.

Send an email to writingduo@gmail.com with FRAGILE CONTEST in the subject line. You must answer this one question in your email.


Here are the rules.
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Contest Rules:
1: You must be an adult 18

2: You can only enter once.

3: Winners must send their email addresses to receive the e-books or mailing addresses to receive the trade paperback.

4: Entries close midnight August 31st. All correct entries will go in a drawing and the winners will be selected announced at A Blue Blog and in Blue News next month.

Prizes aren't exchangeable, again no exceptions.
Good Luck!

Cayla was not the typical gun shot victim. A quiet waitress, she was brutally gunned down coming out of the neighborhood corner store. There was nothing taken, there was no motive, just a fragile, broken woman lying on the cold, broken sidewalk.

Kale was not the easiest cop to get along with. Biting and sarcastic, he worked alone caring for little but the job. There was something about this case that Kale just couldn’t let go. There was something about this victim that called him unlike any other.

Can they heal each other or will it just be a banage on their wounds and they still fester?

“Why are you doing this?” She could not stop the words from spilling from her lips. She truly hadn’t meant to say anything at all. His hand stilled, yet he did not remove it.

“I don’t know.” It was a soft declaration more to himself than to her.

Cayla looked up into the stormy gray eyes that seemed to hold her captive. He looked pensive, yet there was something more. Something she could not begin to define. He peered down at her and smiled. A sad self-mocking gesture really. He looked so tired; grim frown lines framed his luscious lips. Were men supposed to have such tempting mouths, all full and kissable? It was a mouth that inspired wicked thoughts despite her tremendous physical discomfort. His unkempt dark locks fell forward into his eyes. His jaw line gave testimony that it had been a while since his face had seen a razor.
He worked too hard and saw too much. Who took care of Kale Casterlow? Her hands reached up and pushed his hair off his forehead before she thought about what she was doing. His eyes closed as if she was stroking him in some sensual, intimate way. When his eyes opened and locked onto hers once more, she gasped at what she found blaring out from them. Passion. Pure, unadulterated, raw desire. Why would such a ruggedly beautiful man desire her?

“I will find who did this to you, Cayla. I swear, no one will ever hurt you again.”

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