14 August 2008

New Releases 14 Aug

Mainstream Romance

Desert Rose Anthology

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Desert Protector by Kadian Tracey
Mainstream: MC/IR

ISBN: 978-1604350746

Will Anaxa be able to be women enough to protect and fight for the man she loves or is she too full of bitterness?

To say that Anaxa Wren has had a hard life would be the understatement of the year. At eight years old her parents were murdered before her eyes by a group of rebels in Uganda and so she was forced to fend for herself. She is now a grown woman and she is known as "the Terror of the Desert" or "The Dark One" She is hateful, bitter and hell bent on revenge.

Prince Amira Kazim has a problem. Someone is trying to kill him! He seeks out the help of the elusive Anaxa but the last thing she wants to do is get involved with the Royal family of Noneah. Amir sees her and even though he knows it can only end badly, he wants her.

But there's a secret lurking around the royal family that could destroy Amir before the killer does.

Together, and with the help of Amir's best friend Naheed, Anaxa and Amir must fight their hearts and the evil that lives to see Amir dead.

Will Amir be able to beat the odds or will he become what the evil wants, a dead man?

The Williams Men Series

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When Mariah Smiles by Delores Walker
Mainstream: Contemporary, MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1604351224

What sacrifices would you make to see the woman you desire smile?

Mariah is a talented designer on the brink of making her name in the fashion world. The one thing that stands between her and fulfilling her dream is lack of capital. Travis is a self-made success story who finds himself in a precarious predicament. In order to save his company he needs some ready capital. The one person who can help them both is Travis's estranged father, Edward.

Will they be willing to pay his asking price, or will Travis miss the opportunity to see Mariah Smile?

Erotic Romance

Azod and Blue Presents Labor of
Love and Moon-Fever-Cat's Meow

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Black Box Bistro by RaeLynn Blue
Erotic: Multicultural Romance, MC/IR, Sci-Fi,
ISBN: 978-1604351927

Will Halo be able to take it up a notch between her and Kai?

Halo has had enough of her tech helper Kai's flirtious nature. Though she secretly harbors a hot flame for him herself, she is more than stunned when she catches him fanning his flame for a stripper from the Cat's Meow, a strip club she had long since clawed her way out of.

Now the owner of Black Box Bistro, Halo serves up virtual reality fare to the troops stumbling in from the moon colony wars. If only her lust for Kai wasn't so vivid and real, Halo believes she could be happy. With him around constantly, she's forced to face her hunger for his love and affection.

Kai is carrying a lot more than a torch for his boss, Halo. He's packing a stone hard tool that would work out the kinks in her life, if only she'd let him. He's watched her nightly at the Cat's Meow and followed her to help her set up her own business when she finally broke free of the grind. Still, Kai knows Halo's heart is locked and sealed up, battered by stripping for a living and hardened by failed attempts at love. He has to find a way to carve through her pain and light her heart's love, because his love for her is very real.

Can he prove it?

Book 2 in "The Daughters of the Dagda"
Collection Series

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The Fair-Haired One by Rorrey Lynch
Erotic: Fantasy/ Romantic Adventure
ISBN: 978-1604351941

When does evil take over good or can the good over power the evil?

The Dagda, highest of the Irish deities, knows his daughters, the Irish goddesses, face extinction. To save them, he sends the goddesses to Earth to find a mortal who will love them. To make matters worse, the Dagda's plan has unleashed a terrible evil, Baylor, the king of the Fomorians, the evil fairies, whose only goal is to thwart the quests of the goddesses.

When Aeval, the first goddess to arrive on Earth, summons her sister Cliodna from banishment in The Other World to save her mortal lover, "Clio" must suddenly fend for herself. The Ruler of the Waves must find a way to blend in and find a mortal to love her within twenty-one days or perish.

Connor O'Keefe, a descendant of the clan that Clio has sworn throughout eternity to protect, is a sword boat captain, the perfect mate for a woman who loves the ocean. When Clio walks into Connor's life, he is unsure of how to handle this beautiful, mysterious mistress of the sea, yet he is unable to walk away from her.

But Connor's dark secrets and her father's bitter foe prove to be difficult obstacles. They face the fight of a lifetime that even a rugged sea captain and the Ruler of the Waves may be unable to win.

Can they survive the sea of life?

Azod and Blue Presents
Labor of Love

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One Good Man by Shara Azod
Erotic Romance: Contemporary, MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1604351934

Elizabeth is a woman on a mission to find out who is smuggling drugs in weapons shipments. Instead of sending one of the investigators under her command, she goes undercover. This situation is personal and she plans to put a serious hurt on the scum who has disgraced the uniform and endangered lives.

Erik is a hardcore take charge Marine, who has spent years in the field as the commander of his Recon unit. He wants to know two things about the sexy Navy officer who crosses his path—what is she doing in his weapon's depot and why is she pretending to be a ditzy debutante?

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Come to Me by Barbara Sheridan
Erotic: Paranormal - Ghost, MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1604351910

Miki Patterson took a job at a Japanese inn expecting to have an interesting life in an exotic land. Instead she became a transplanted Cinderella to a violent, lecherous employer and sought refuge in her dreams, in the arms of a shadowy samurai who thrilled her in ways no living man ever had.

Yamaguchi Toshinada was a spirit who could not rest over the guilt that he failed in caring for his fiancée and her family following the overthrow of their domain during Japan's 19th century civil war. When she returns to him in the mortal world he will do anything to keep her safe and remain by her side in anyway he can.

Is Miki up to what it takes to move beyond and into the arms of her Samurai?

**NOTE*** content contains masturbation and sex toys


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