14 August 2008

New I/R Erotic Scienc Fiction Romance-Black Box Bistro

Azod and Blue Presents Labor of Love...Black Box Bistro

Available from Red Rose Publishing
Title: Black Box Bistro
Author: RaeLyn Blue
Genre: I/R Science Fiction Erotic Romance

Price: $2.99

Halo has had enough of her tech helper Kai's flirtious nature. Though she secretly harbors a hot flame for him herself, she is more than stunned when she catches him fanning his flame for a stripper from the Cat's Meow, a strip club she had long since clawed her way out of. Now the owner of Black Box Bistro, Halo serves up virtual reality fare to the troops stumbling in from the moon colony wars. If only her lust for Kai wasn't so vivid and real, Halo believes she could be happy. With him around contstantly, she's forced to face her hunger for his love and affection.

Kai is carrying a lot more than a torch for his boss, Halo. He's packing a stone hard tool that would work out the kinks in her life, if only she'd let him. He's watched her nightly at the Cat's Meow and followed her to help her set up her own business when she finally broke free of the grind. Still, Kai knows Halo's heart is locked and sealed up, battered by stripping for a living and hardened by failed attempts at love. He has to find a way to carve through her pain and light her heart's love, because his love for her is very real. He just has to prove it.


Kai busied himself and tried to remain remote. He logged into the bistro’s administrative window and began running virus scans and repairing damaged files from the master he had inserted into the computer. The text zipped across the screen and he keyed in the appropriate responses when prompted. He had to force himself to pay attention as if it mattered, because if he didn’t, he throw Halo onto the floor and show her real, live sex instead of the sim-sex she usually engaged in after hours.

Beneath the counter’s shadow, Kai was as hard as a hammer. And he knew exactly who he wanted to pound. His routine multiplex pants and jacket starved off the moon’s frosty temperatures, but failed to hide anything. If Halo were to come around to the backside of the counter, he’d have to explain the tall tool jutting out like an industrial sized cannon blaster.

Though she’d probably figure it out fairly quickly.

He frowned as he remembered how his fury at the soldier had forced the surrounding space to shrink into a singular tunnel. He’d forgotten Halo was even there. The soldier set off all the wrong vibes and he wanted to chuck the needle prick to the street, but then, Halo said his name.


And it wasn’t just her saying it that became the Trojan horse in his system. It was how she said it, as if her lips were making love to his name, his being. So sensual and sexy her throaty voice sounded wrapped around it, it damn near caused him to come on himself. Wrenched out of his anger, he fumbled back half a step. Hell, maybe even a whole step, but mentally, he’d crashed back down to the room. With his tunnel-vision shattered and a bit discombobulated, Kai struggled to regain control over the huge shift in emotions, but it was too late.

Halo did it. It was then, as the whirlwind of lust and fury fought it out, she put her back to him and shimmed by him, pressing her ass, that wonderful, round ass against the front of his pants, sucking him down from being furious one second and being instantly horny the next.

It was her fault. Wiggling that glorious ass of hers to get by him, rubbing it across the front of his pants and awakening his sleeping member. If only she’d asked him to step further back and not touch him, not allowed those ample cheeks to come in contact with him, he’d be fine right now.


Fine enough to slip into your own pod and play the virtual reality version of one Halo Luckson across your stiff cock. Sure, she’s good for unleashing your pent up problems. That ain’t fine, Kai, that’s a long way from fine. That’s—

Shut up!

His inner Kai didn’t allow him to forget why he’d come here to this dreadful place. A citizen of Earth, he ranked in the minority on the moon. Sure, but he came here to work, to be anonymous, to disappear. Successful in leaving behind his master architect father and political ambitious mother, Kai didn’t think vanishing on the moon would’ve been so easy. His parents had no clue of his whereabouts and probably had him declared legally dead. A cruel grin emerged onto his face at the thought. Even his inner Kai wouldn’t acknowledge how this single belief tore his insides into tiny shreds. His parents would’ve done it solely to collect on the money his grandfather had willed to him.

Greedy buggers.

“Kai,” inquired Halo rather impatiently.

His breathing hitched as his eyes met her maple brown ones. Each time she spoke his name, the same thing happened. His cock twitched as if an invisible leash had been tethered between it and her voice.

She yanked, he rose.

“Yeah?” he asked, irritable about the low ache in his balls. “Working here, Halo.” Working on not taking you to the rear office, unzipping that body glove and tasting you for real.

“I know,” she shot back. “I wanted to ask about the new software package from Averon.”

“Yeah, what about it?” He stopped pretending to type.

“Did it come in?” she asked, hip cocked, both hands resting on those delicious curves her one-piece pantsuit couldn’t stop working. “Three sols from the Augarian Army requested it last week. Said they’d be back in here tomorrow. Get the picture, techy?”

“Got it, boss.”

“Good,” she snapped, turned on her booted heel and stalked off in the opposite direction.

End Excerpt.

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RaeLynn Blue

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