14 August 2008

Ryan's Son

Cassie's Sheikh

A Kind Of Loving

Chateau Despair

and now

Ryan's Son. A new contemporary romance coming soon from Linda Sole

Ryan St. James leaned back in his executive chair and surveyed the self-satisfied faces of his boardroom members. He would have liked to give them a damned good shake up, but unfortunately they had every right to look pleased with themselves after the profits review for the past six months. If the report was right, and he had no reason to doubt it, the firm was on course for the best year of its trading history. Which should have made Ryan feel good, since he had personally instigated the changes that had brought about this minor miracle in his late father’s firm.

What the hell was the matter with him? Instead of celebrating his new
millions he was restless, his mood one of irritation, a frown of frustration creased his brow. Dark eyes glittered like black ice as they swept round the room once more, and a mouth that could be generous when it smiled was drawn thin.

He could see from their expressions that the men and one token woman on the board of Webber Industries were wondering what their employer was planning now. He knew his own reputation well enough. Ryan St. James was the kind of man who inspired respect in his employees.

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