29 August 2008

New Releases 28 Aug

La Petite MortLA PETITE MORT by Carolyn Gregg

Erotic Romance: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-198-9

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Are you willing to indulge into your wildest fantasy?

Bria had just one wish, one desperate desire, and the only place she would be able to have it come true would be at the annual Midnight Fantasies Masquerade Ball.

It would be interesting to see if, given enough money, the hosts truly granted everyone’s wildest fantasy, as they promised, or if it was just meaningless hype.

After all, how many women attending wanted to die at the automated “hand” of a sex machine?

Warning this title includes explicit language, ménage a quatre, anal penetration, and oral sex .

Storm at MidnightSTORM AT MIDNIGHT by Betty Ann Harris

Erotic Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-196-5

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It’s raining Kisses, Hallelujah or is it?

Erin is venturing on a new vocation. Having just purchased a historic Inn, she is renovating the romantic inn. If her luck holds out, she plans on opening it as a bed and breakfast, with the help of her ruggedly handsome assistant, Darien.

They become immediate friends and work closely together.

After one grueling day of work, the week before the inn is due to open, a violent storm catches them by surprise and sends Erin into Darien's strong and waiting arms. Will passion take over?

Will the attraction between them grow and their friendship turn into love? Or will it peter out as if nothing happened?

Have MercyHAVE MERCY by Mackenzie S. Cameron

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-197-2

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Can an over worked, under paid Paramedic and a cranky yet adorable doctor find the road to healing?

As Thomas and Sabine learn all is not as bad as it seems, they are also deeply troubled as well as scared with what life has thrown at them.

Feelings erupt and the attraction between the two is more than they can handle.

Will they end up healing each other or will the cost of it be to high?

Dancing With TadDANCING WITH TAD by Sam Cheever

Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-60435-203-0

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Something strange is going on in Grooster, Indiana. Nightly Satanic rituals in the park and the infusion of drugs into the community have everyone on edge. When Clancy Rogers’ daughter, The Princess, comes up missing, Clancy takes to the proverbial trail to find her.

Unfortunately that trail is littered with a weird and wacky cast of characters, including a palm raping psychic with a rabid love of chocolate snack cakes, a Shakespearean wanna-be reporterette who gets pelted with dog poop while spying on the Satanists.

A local veterinarian who looks like he was dropped to Earth from the planet Zorgon and who holds conversations with his patients on a regular basis. Add to this mix a guy who looks really hot in tight jeans and scuffed boots, but who unfortunately likes to follow all the rules Clancy keeps stomping on, and you have trouble in Grooster with a capital T…A…D!

A Perfect Red RoseA PERFECT RED ROSE by Taylor Kincaid

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Autumn Rose 40+
ISBN: 978-1-60435-204-7

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Drew has a way with all things blooming, and a definite eye for beauty. The woman across the street has attracted Drew’s attention, but out of respect for her married status, he has kept his distance and simply admired her from afar. When he discovers Laurie is recently widowed, he is no longer content to admire her from a distance, and he ventures across the street and up her driveway, one hand hidden behind his back. In that hand is a perfect red rose which he intends to present to her. He hopes it will be the beginning of a budding romance.

Will Drew be able to break through Laurie’s shy exterior, and uncover the sensitive caring woman beneath?

And will his rose presentations and boyish grin be enough to win her heart?

Trapped in the StormTRAPPED IN THE STORM by Kelley Nyrae

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1-60435-195-8

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Look at what the storm blew in!

Is Stephanie in for the fight of her life as she tries to keep her emotions under control or will the heavy winds of the passion with Luc blow her away?

Stephanie Bridges can’t seem to get her ex-boyfriend out of her head. Or more importantly her heart.

She figures the best way to cope is to avoid the cocky, ladies man as much as possible. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done considering she’s the town carpenter and he owns the only hardware store around for miles.

When a monster storm blows into town leaving Stephanie and Luc trapped in Luc’s Hardware they’ll have the chance to recapture the magic she’d always felt they made together. That is, if they can stop fighting long enough to succumb to the desire still between them.

Will being Trapped In the Storm be more than Stephanie and Luc are able to deal with?

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