18 November 2007

Blurb and Excerpt for Carrington's Fury

Coming Soon to Red Rose Publishing: Carrington's Fury.


Carrington Duncan is a woman on a mission.
One that burns within her very soul. Brought up by the Reiver that raised her since she was two; she is a creature taught how to fight, and to kill by the man that loved her like his own child. No matter what the cost, Carrington will never forget the faces of the ones she loved, and lost.
Sworn to destroy the race that tried to wipe her village off the face of the earth, she has one simple goal in mind…..to destroy them first.
If revenge is a dish best served cold, then get ready for hell to freeze over.
Is there anything that can tame Carrington's fury?

Deep in the heart of New Orleans Carrington found her quarry, well, rather they found her. Three male Ruslics had trailed her at a safe distant, their intent to take her unaware.
The hair on the back of Carrington neck bristled and her nose twitched as the faint smell of musk drifted to her on the gentle breeze. With a wrinkle of her pert little nose, she slipped down a side street into the deeper shadows, leaning against a wall as she waited to see if they would follow. Sure as shit they did.
Shaking her head at their stupidity, she mused that it must be their sexual drive that did all the thinking. Not enough juice to run two brains.
The males hurried down the side street after her, smiling as two little boys about to get a treat for good behavior.
"Are you sure she came this way?" the one with the light brown hair asked his companion.
"Yes, I'm sure she came this way." His companion answered, running a hand through his dark blonde hair.
Carrington arched a black brow as the males talked to one another.
"Then where is she?" the one with the light brown hair asked.
"How the hell should I know? She couldn't be far. After all, she's only a human and female at that." The blonde one laughed.
"Don't let the Queen hear you say that, or she'll be doing the laughing." His friend retorted.
The blonde flinched inwardly at the mention of their queen.
"Uh, let's forget I said that. I'd like to keep my head."
Still in the shadows, Carrington rolled her eyes. Men could be such babies and it did not matter what race they were. She shook her head again before she stepped out into the light of the full moon. "Looking for me gentlemen?" she asked.

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