08 November 2007

How about some more hours in the day...pretty please

My name is Jane Beckenham (www.janebeckenham.com) and I'm an author. I write historical and contemporary romances. But you know, I've think i've finally figured it out. There is definitely not enough hours in the day. Take today, for instance. Okay, up at 6.30 off to the gym, home, minimal housework, and then I think. Yay, time to write. I get into gear, only to have the dog interrupt me, then it's 9am and my writing students arrive.
Thinking that once they are gone I can WRITE SOME MORE... but no siree, that wasn't about to happen. Family stuff interrupted. Now I love my family, would drop anything for them...and did. My writing. Then it was back home, and my part time employer called... could you, pretty please help us out. How could I say no? Yep, you got it. I didn't, and so there I am working my cute little but off (read that as spreading bigish butt, though cute sounds kinda nice!) and where is MY WRITING. Gone, baby. Nowhere to be seen. My hero and heroine are waiting for me, crying out for me to get them together, give them eternal happiness, albeit with a few bumps along the way. Right now, they're stuck on the page...and in the snow storm from hell, but heck, they've got each other and love, what more could they ask for?
A few more hours in the day, I hear you say! Yes please, about another 5 would be nice, but then, I guess there's never enough time! So, i'll have to wait until another day.

Happy writing and reading everyone.
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Jane Beckenham

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