03 November 2007

Things we do for our pets.

As you all know I had to take my dog into the vet on Wedsday. Well the vet gave him these honking big butt pills to take, you'd think it would be easy well people think again. It's a pain in the bloody arse. I mean my goddesses they eat worst things then this antibiotic that he's getting for that matter they roll in things that are even worst then this, but do you think he'd take it with out a problem OH HELL NO! he's got to fight me every step of the way.
I've tried smashing it and rolling it in ham, I've even forced his mouth open to pop it down his throat. ( That I DO NOT like doing makes me feel awful) Then he give's me the sad puppy dog look, like why are you being mean to me! And that just makes me feel like I'm an inch tall. *sighs* The things we do for our pets and they give us that one sad look and we feel like the meanest persons in the world cause we're just trying to make them feel better in the end.
But in the end I well give him is med and fight the good fight of makeing him better.

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