13 November 2007

A Few More Hours in the Night PULL-EASE!!!!

Hey Everyone,
I think that I am still sleeping....well partially. I am now sitting through a Political Media Class that is putting me back to sleep but there's nothing I can do about it. As I try to wake up my numb brain, I want to tell you about a few things. November 15 look out for new Red Rose Releases! Visit the website to see what's coming!

I spent half my night in a class and part of the rest of the night helping a friend with a paper on fallen media mogul Conrad Black. It seems he started on his ways to breaking the law real early but *shrugs* who knows? Then I watched Canadian Air Farce (The Canadian version of SNL or Mad TV I guess but still really funny) I couldn't help it. I LOVE that show (I LOVE acting). Finally at about 4:30 AM I finally snuggle beneath the covers (it's freezing here already and it's not even December)and TRIED to fall asleep. Eventually, the last time I glanced at the clock, at 6AM, fell asleep. In no time at all, the stupid alarm clock was blaring!!! I hate that stupid thing! I wanted to hurl it through the window and take great satisfaction in watching it smash to a million tiny little pieces *pants for air and grin evily*

Or, those stupid half drunken jerks that goes to university to get wasted and make noise beneath your window late at nights...*sigh* I need to breath....

As for me, I have a few RRP releases coming soon! Red Rose Has been nominated for some REC awards as well as the authors! So please visit the REC and vote for us! Oh I forgot, thank you to every who has voted and who has nominated us. It's great!

Please remember Red Rose's Speciality line...Desert Rose. We are still seeking submissions.

Anyways, I need to go back to re-numb my brain on how commercials are out there brainwashing us...

Until Next Time,
Rainy Days and Moonlit Kisses
Kendra Mei Chailyn

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