27 November 2007

Christmas is Coming!!

As you all know by now, by the TONS of stupid xmas commercials on television or your children rambling off what they wanted for christmas. But its not all a bad thing! I promise! It's not all cooking and family coming over or screaming and yelling and more house work. Red Rose Publishing has some HOT new titles coming for the christmas holidays. Are you into MM erotica? Then Remmy Duchene's "All He Want For Christmas" is the thing for you.

For Erotica, interracial stories, then grap your copies of Tigra-Luna LeMar's "Humbug," or "Santa, Sam's Been Bad," or both!

Also, check out "One More Match" by Mackenzie S. Cameron!
Want something that isn't all christmas-ie or want to add to your christmas goodies? Then check out the coming soon page at Red Rose! We have Vampires coming from Dana Littlejohn, A story of loss from Kendra Mei Chailyn (ME!), visit Havana with Jennifer Mueller and so much more! So either way you cut it, Red Rose Publishing has something to cover any mood you may be in and oh, don't forget the Sheikhs! Kadian Tracey has a hot story coming called "Desert Protector" as well as from Emma Qincey's "Cassie's Sheikh."

Any ways, Stolen Moments is almost here! So keep an eye out.

Rainy Days and Moonlit Kisses,
Kendra Mei Chailyn

PS: Websites! and both covers were made by the lovely Rene Lyons!

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