31 March 2008

Review: With All My Heart

Named an Outstanding read by: Simply Romance Reviews

Dr. Jason Tucker is not a happy man. He has just spent seven sexless days with his girlfriend of six years, Lisa. The only bright spots in his life were his very imminent break up with selfish and needy Lisa, and his patient and woman who made his body ache, Rayne. Jason brings Rayne to the Roseport Rehabilitation Clinic where he works after Rayne runs into the street in front of Jason's car one stormy night six months ago. Since Rayne has amnesia, she has no knowledge if she is married, seeing someone or has a family that's currently searching for her. Jason breaks up with Lisa but Lisa is not going to let the man that she has plans to marry leave her for a patient. Rayne just wants to know who she is and if Jason's feelings are as strong as hers. Will Rayne's past destroy their future or will Lisa make sure that Jason pays for leaving and embarrassing her?

With All My Heart was like taking a romantic stroll along a winding garden path; very satisfying. Ms. Rochelle has a very distinct way of captivating her readers attention from the beginning of her story and holding on until the end. The relationship between Rayne and Jason was a true romance that seemed to be a race against the clock. Neither knew if Rayne would recover her memories or if their relationship would continue after Rayne was released from the Clinic. In the beginning of the novel, Jason seemed very passive. He didn't seem to want to take matters concerning Lisa and Rayne into his own hands until he was pushed into making the decision. Rayne was just the patient who really didn't know how she should would have acted in different situations. She didn't get feisty until Lisa confronted her alone. Lisa thought that Jason should continue to bow to her since she had given his six years of her life. She was the woman that you never wanted anyone that you cared about to meet. This novel was definitely a palate cleanser and a recommended read.
~Reviewed by Shira

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