06 March 2008

New Releases 06 March

Toss of a CoinToss of a Coin
Aline de Chevigny

Mainstream/Historical / Time Travel/Holiday/Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60435-101-9
Cover Artist: Merris Hawk
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 12,468
Release: March 6th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

What would you be willing to do to find true love?

A grandmother’s last request, a mysterious old coin, and a heartfelt wish.

Armed with a mysterious package, Angelica travels to Scotland to fulfill the requirements of her grandmother’s will. The package contains an ancient coin and a letter telling her to make one wish.

Angelica’s wish for true love sends her back in time and into the arms of a man who could make all of her dreams come true – if she’ll let him.


Sasha's MateSasha's Mate
Maria Torres

Erotic/ MC/IR
Paranormal/Fantasy romance
ISBN: 978-1-60435-134-7
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Melissa Glisan
Word Count: 12,388
Release: March 6th, 2008

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Will Sasha and Gage be able to be together despite all odds?

Sasha Raven has skirted around Gage-Cupid and the attraction she has felt toward the Greek god for almost 900 years. Now that she’s near the end of her term as Mother Nature, she knows that the Celestial Council is set on finding her a mate. All sorts of ideas about Gage and her begin to form in her head and having him working side by side with her only complicates things further.

Can she ignore the desire burning inside of her and work with Gage?

Or will she give into temptation and surrender to those burning flames of passion?


Fantasies Unveiled: InvasionFantasies Unveiled: Invasion
Mechele Wade

Erotic/ Contemporary/BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-60435-064-7
Cover Artist: Red Rose Publishing
Editor: Belle
Word Count: 9,386
Release: March 6th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

***Warning*** Clamps, ménage, oral sex

Is Christy in for a weekend of hot fantasies or just another boring night?

Christy arrives home on a Friday afternoon to different plans for the weekend than she had. She finds herself held captive in her own home, blindfolded, cuffed, and being forced to endure what her captors have

As she gets more excited she is trying to figure out who her captives are, will she be in for more than she bargained for or will it be an erotic walk on the wild side?


Fantasies: Independence DayFantasies:Independence Day
Cassandra Gold

Erotic Contemporary Gay erotic romance
Cover Artist: Red Rose Publishing
Editor: WR
Word Count: 20,988

BUY NOW - $2.99

*Male/Male Erotic Romance

How much can you endure before you have had enough?

Can William find freedom and independence? At what cost?

Tired of his rich, controlling father running his life, William Wesley Barrington IV temporarily escapes by "running away" to the Fantasies resort. At Fantasies, he’s just Will Archer, a waiter who shares an apartment with surf instructor Ryan Steele.

Being free to live his life however he wants to is great. The strange feelings he’s beginning to have for his roommate are not.

Can Will figure out his feelings before the lies he’s spun come unraveled?


Truth or DareTruth or Dare
Ash Born Vampire Series
Merris Hawk

Erotic Romance/Paranormal/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60435-121-7
Cover Artist: Merris Hawk
Editor: WR
Word Count: 9,388
Release: March 6th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Can a one-night stand be more than what it is?

Will the flames burn eternal or just melt into wax as the night goes on?

Being in debt to a vampire was not the smartest place to be, and when Kezred calls to collect, Cameo knows that her night spent as arm candy to the sexy vampire isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Led into the midst of mankind’s greatest enemy, can Cameo trust her safety to a vampire with questionable intentions and no loyalties?


Touch a Four-Leaf CloverTouch a Four-Leaf Clover
Shara Azod and RaeLynn Blue

Erotic Romance/ MC/IR/Paranormal and Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60435-0135-4
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Jennifer Puckett
Word Count: 33,004
Release: March 6th, 2008

BUY NOW - $3.99

What happens when two cousins walk the earth looking for their true love?

It is never wise to piss off a goddess, especially a flame haired Irish goddess. That was something cousins Ciaran and Connor found out the hard way.

For one night of folly the cousins must walk the earth, deprived of the thing that caused their downfall-women, until they find their perfect mate. Just when they think they will never find their mates, the Luck of the Irish smiles upon them.

Both end up in the United States, one in Chicago and the other in San Diego. The two cousins get the shock of their lives when they met the women meant to be theirs, both are strong women with chocolate colored skin, making their sweet tooth become enraged.

Will they be able to keep these women for their own or just have a taste of ecstasy to tease them rest of their immortal lives?


Shades of FyreShades of Fyre
Series : Elemental Guardians
Cynnara Tregarth

Erotic/ MC/IR/Paranormal
Time Travel Fantasy romance
ISBN: 978-1-60435-133-0
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Nikita Gordyn
Word Count: 88,114
Release: March 6th, 2008

BUY NOW - $5.99

In a world that fights its battles from one extreme to another, there exists a society that is dedicated to balance and the Universal Elements—The Circle of Elemental Guardians.

The Elemental Guardians answer only to the Council of Ma'at--the Ultimate Elemental Justice and their goal is simple-- to keep balance for all life. Charis Windstrom left the Elemental Guardians when their ways differed from her own on a mission gone wrong. What she never expects is to find links of the Guardians in ancient Egypt or that her curiosity would result in the unleashing of an ancient evil.

There is only one person who can help her and he's not giving up his secrets easily. Dr Nate Tolemy is not all what he appears, even if he's the Adept of Fire.

Fate forces Charis Windstrom and Nate Tolemy back together for one more mission. The last time they were together, Charis was engaged to another man, but the immediate soul connection to Nate scared her. Now he was her salvation as they follow the bloody trail of the ancient evil. Yet Nate is still keeping secrets from Charis. Part of him fears what she’ll do when she finds out the truth about his history, his former life before becoming an Adept Elemental Guardian. Part of him knows there is no other woman for him in this life or any other.

Neither one of them realizes that the ancient evil has many plans and it includes the destruction of the Elemental Guardians and the descendants of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Will Nate and Charis get past their differences, the fear of attraction, and even the fear within themselves in order to work together and stop the ancient evil before it gets enough power to rule the world?


Stolen MomentsStolen Moments
Kendra Mei Chailyn

Erotic/MC/IR/ Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-027-2
Cover Artist: Red Rose Publishing
Editor: Melissa Glissan
Word Count: 8,744
Release: March 6th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Will they find a place to be together forever or will the war keep them apart?

Shawn Jones and Luna Lopez were made for each other. They’ve known that since the first time they saw each other at local club in university. Shawn is in the Canadian Military and had been since before the two met.

Now Shawn has been fighting in Afghanistan for three years and Luna misses him terribly. On the day that he is scheduled to return, she gets sexy for her man and waits. But when the doorbell goes, the person standing there isn’t Shawn. They tell her that Shawn was killed in Action and that they are sorry.

Travel with Luna as she goes through the memories about why Shawn Jones was/is the man of her life and why she loves him so much.


Congrats to all the new releases!!!

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