27 March 2008

New Releases 27 March

Crossing FaerylandCrossing Faeryland
Raine McIntyre

Erotic:Fantasy Romance with Erotic Elements
ISBN: 978-1-60435-059-3
Cover Artist: Rae Monet Designs,Inc
Editor: Jean Paq
Word Count: 104,442
Release: March 27th, 2008

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Fairies and Elves in the future, Oh My! Political intrigue at every corner!

Who can you trust to help you survive?

In a fantastical future more than a century away, the world consists solely of the United States, America and Terrantoo, a magical world unlike anything Earth has seen since the time of Faeries and Elves in the middle. A plot to pair Marnie, a half dryad, with Jake, the heir to the American throne and Sam, Marnie’s half brother and half shapeshifter, with Cat, Jake’s younger sister, sends the four from the United States across Terrantoo to America.

Although the denizens of Terrantoo prove dangerous, family plots of the scheming kind, shared histories of wounded pride and mistrust, mutual attraction and sensual exploration that scorch the heart turn out to be the true threat to their peaceful, predictable lives. They battle Ogres, Harpies, Pixies, and Brownies as well as humans and Faeries, to survive while discovering new love and rediscovering old along the way. Magic and passion combine in this erotic tale of political intrigue in a time when fantasy and reality have come to occupy the same space.

Will love be the way of the future or just a thing in the past?


The Only Gold The Only Gold
Pippa Bennett

Mainstream Contemporary/Holiday
Romantic Fantasy/ Romantic Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60435-143-9
Cover Artist: Celia Kyle
Editor: Belle
Word Count: 15,490

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When Irish Eyes are smiling will Eithne be able to resist or will she fall into those dreamy eyes?

Eithne Riordan curses Saint Patrick and all her Irish heritage, even spitting on them. That is until she meets up with the leprechaun who tempts, teases and oh so pleases her. Suddenly she’s disoriented, in a strange place—and nude and shivering and only several inches tall. She finds her way to the home of a leprechaun who has the power to judge her for her arrogance.

Tall and muscular, with green eyes and red-gold hair, the leprechaun offers a bargain. He will shorten her punishment to one night if she will give him either her body for his physical release or her soul to ease his loneliness. If she gives him her body, she may never be satisfied with the love of a man. If she gives him her soul, her life will be barren. She will become a ghost when she dies. She opts to give him her body.

Will a night of incredible passion with a handsome leprechaun ruin her chances for love with a mortal man?


Mountain’s EchoMountain’s Echo
Debbie Gould

Mainstream Contemporary
Romantic Suspense/ Romantic Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-60435-144-6
Cover Artist: Rae Monet Designs, Inc.
Editor: Rachel D. Thompson
Word Count: 65,338
Release: March 27th 2008

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Danger Maggie, Danger!

Will betrayal be a thing of the past or part of the future?

Maggie and Jake had a past ten years ago that neither wanted to ever revisit. But when Maggie's brother, Scott, is severely wounded, Jake has to call Maggie for help.

After a ten year absence, Maggie and Jake are thrown together again in an intense struggle to save not only her brother, but themselves, as the men after Jake and Scott are closing in. The two must find a way to work through the betrayal of the past and work together to save their future.

Will betrayal be a thing of the past or part of the future?

Find out as Mountain’s Echo takes into some spine tingling adventure and suspense.


Disoriented Dress Disoriented Dress
Liam Stalls

Erotic:Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60435-073-9
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 16,208
Release: March 27th, 2008

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What happens when the man you love becomes unrecognizable?

Do you stick it out for run for your life?

Janet Delaine discovers she made a big mistake granting her long time boyfriend his sexual fantasy. John changes…for the worse. Janet turns for help to John’s childhood buddy, Cliff, only to discover feelings
she’s kept suppressed.

Will she stick it out with John or finally allow her heart to rule?


Reckless Behavior Reckless Behavior
Sage Burnett

ISBN: 978-1-60435-138-5
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett
Editor: Amy Cummings
Word Count: 42,302
Release: March 27th, 2008

BUY NOW - $3.99

What does a man do when he discovers a woman dressed in sexy lingerie laying on her porch on a chilly evening?

Jack McBride carries the woman into her house and makes a valiant attempt to warm her up. Bailey Taylor, struggling to come to terms with a husband who can't keep his hands off other women, seduces Jack McBride into pleasuring her. Unable to control himself when Bailey bares herself to him, Jack gives her the pleasure she is so desperately seeking.

Bailey starts receiving suggestive emails from Jack, but he denies sending them to her. She wants to believe him as the two of them tumble into a hot erotic affair.

Is Jack telling the truth or is there another man watching Bailey's every move?


Eternal Pleasures Eternal Pleasures
Debi Wilder

ISBN: 978-1-60435-104-0
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Lea Schizas
Word Count: 42,302
Release: March 27th, 2008

BUY NOW - $3.99

More than a sex shop…

A place where fantasies come true…

Dead or alive.

Cassandra Jameson is a 21st Century woman who doesn't believe there's a man alive who can sexual satisfy her...except in her fantasies. When she and her best friend, Paige Matteson buy a centuries old building and open their shop Eternal Pleasures, little did she realize that housed among the brick was a handsome and mysterious man.

After losing the love of his life in the witch hunts during the 18th Century, Garrett Alexander made a bargain to join his beloved Victoria. All he had to do was spend the rest of his "existence" among the living providing sexual lessons for the gentile. What he didn't expect was a woman with powerful sensual aurora to call him hundreds of years into the future.

Will Eternal Pleasures be forever or will Cassandra and Garrett just be a moment in time?


Star Seduction Star Seduction
RaeLynn Blue

Erotic Romance, IR, Sci-Fi
ISBN: 978-1-60435-137-8
Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland
Editor: Jennifer Puckett
Word Count: 15,002

BUY NOW - $2.99

Thanks to an explosion on his touring ship, Jackson's life of intergalactic glitz as the guitarist in rock band dead ends on a chunk not too far from Earth, the moon. Depressed, down on his luck, and emotionally desolate, Jackson spends night after night, drowning any feelings he has left in countless mug of beer. The number one thing he wants to smother? Guilt. He alone survived the tragic explosion, Jackson believes he'd been spared, but for what reason?

Did it matter? When he accidental clashes with a beautiful black woman in the Cat's Meow lot, he sees a ray of sun in his otherwise dreary life.

Star Summers is a woman betrayed. Thanks to a boyfriend who left her for greener pastures on Earth, Star is reduced to dancing as a stripper at a dump called the Cat's Meow, not to mention her morning gig of working at a diner. The moon promised to be a blessing, but has turned into a curse. She's lost her lover, and with her longing for Earth on the rise she's willing to do anything to get home.

When she meets a stranger in the parking lot of the Cat's Meow, her own desires are stirred and Star wonders if she should dare try her hand at love again. Meanwhile, Jackson searches each night for another glimpse of the mysterious woman he met that fateful night. When they do find each other, sparks not only fly, they explode.

There's just one problem--Star's pimp...Darius...

Will Star be purring for Jackson or is her pimp all that?


Anchors Away: Red Skies at Night Red Skies at Night
Shara Azod

Erotic:Contemporary/MC/IR/ Military
Series: Anchors Away
ISBN: 978-1-60435-145-3
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 13,134
Release: March 27th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

Ahoy, watch out shipmate, incoming!

Teane McGowan is a hard working engineer. A pure sailor to the bone, she asks for no quarter and she gives none. She has one major weakness, he Chief, Brett Olden. She thought her secret crush on her work center supervisor would stay a secret, until she is caught red handed fantasizing about her dream man in the most compromising situation imaginable.

Brett Olden couldn’t believe his eyes. He had managed to keep Petty Officer McGowan at arms length, admiring from afar, but never touching. To do so would end his career. But walking in on the delectable little sailor in a compromising position broke any kind of resolve he might have had. He had to make her his, and damn the consequences.

Will Brett and Teane find love or will they just be two ships passing in the night?


Of Dragons Of Dragons
Melody Knight

Mainstream Romance :Sci-Fi, Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60435-077-7
Cover Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Editor: Melissa Glisan
Word Count: 56,888
Release; March 27th, 2008

BUY NOW - $4.99

Is the dragon more than Policeman Colley can handle or will she teach him to fly high?
Ryon Colley can't understand what's happening to his life. This morning he was a policeman investigating a potential hazard: a sparking, flashing, rainbow-spitting light show in the sky overhead. The source of the odd light appeared to be an unruly-haired blonde hellion, who couldn't figure out what normal was. Her radiant display scared him, but his physical reaction to it scares him more. By lunchtime he's gone from having coarse brown hair, to sporting a head full of blond locks—and from facing felons, to fending off thousands of voracious dragonflies.

Glynt has been sent to Earth to guard the dimensional gateways, but her arrival spawns nothing but trouble. Quite accidentally, she's summoned swarms of dragonflies, and lured in captors determined to return her—clearly a mischief maker—to her own world. Only Ryon—her gilded hero and the object of her newfound dreams—can rescue her from certain death.

Can Ryon keep the fire burning in her or will it fade out?


Caribbean Heat Caribbean Heat
Remmy Duchene

ISBN: 978-1-60435-142-2
Cover Artist: Red Rose Publishing
Editor: Terri Morris
Word Count: 10,392
Release: March 27th, 2008

BUY NOW - $1.99

When a serial killer that Ontario Police Detective Tao Drakes is suppose to nab flees Canada, Tao is fresh on his tail and the last thing he wants is to fall in love. But when he sees his hose, Detective Kenneth Davis, all logical thoughts left Tao's mind.

Homosexuality on the island is a major taboo that is not taken lightly. Now, Tao must protect Kenneth's secret, catch a killer who is becoming more brazen by the minute and protect his own heart.

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