03 May 2009

All who wander are not lost

When I accepted the invitation to blog today for Red Rose, I must admit I was anxious. I think it was a form of blog anxiety. This anxiety started me thinking about how we limit ourselves due to fear and how it helps to round characters in stories. In the creation of book characters, writers explore the boundaries of what is and is not possible. This drive is never more apparent than in books of romance and the fantastic.
The human spirit is never more divine or more evil than during times of crisis and nothing challenges what we believe to be the truth more than with the threatened lost of love.
In my upcoming novel for Red Rose publishing, THE DREAM KING and my
earlier work, FOREVER TONIGHT; I allowed my characters to explore how this fear of lost drives us to great heights and lows.
With the hero of The Dream King, Octavian’s fear of losing the love of his life drives him to strive to protect his lover against all odds while his arch nemesis, Jonathan struggles to overcome his own fears of lost though more destructive means until redemption beckons.
In the Sci Fi romance FOREVER TONIGHT, my heroine Ann seeks the protection of her lover at all costs and this changes her life forever.
It is my belief that books of romance and fantastic romance especially, challenge readers to explore places inside that aren’t always allowed expression.
This type of tension creates a rich multihued canvas that makes for great reading. Exploring our shadow selves in the realms of the twin mirror of fear vs. redemption allows us to break free from our own self imposed limitations to see who or what we could be.

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