22 May 2009

The First Taste

It’s hard not to think about new beginnings when you’ve been entrusted with an angel for the day. Especially when you and the bundle of joy in question share a birthday. Well almost. (What’s 24 hours between friends?)

So here, three month old, Brielle and I sit, staring at the computer, contemplating quantum realities and string theory. (This kid keeps me on my toes) We’re also pondering the impending birth of my writing career. Daunting topics all.

Fiona Vance calls June 4th our author birthday, one we share with Debra Kayn. (I’ve got the anxious mama nerves to back up that ‘introducing your baby to the world’ image.) And since I was meant to be posting a Scene From A Love Song today I’m reminded of Fiona Apple’s The First Taste:

“I lie in an early bed thinking late thoughts Waiting for the black to replace my blue”

Yep, I’m so excited and worried that I can’t sleep. What if I didn’t do my best? Worse, what if no one likes my ‘kid’ or it gets picked on?

“I do not struggle in your web because it was my aim to get caught
But daddy longlegs, I feel that I'm finally growing weary
Of waiting to be consumed by you”

I’m definitely not complaining. Becoming a writer is my dream and the anticipation of sharing my work with readers and hearing your thoughts is like the first ride on a roller coaster. Thrilling, yet you still wanna throw-up.

“Full is not heavy as empty, not nearly my love Not nearly my love, not nearly”

Even though I’m scared to death. I can’t imagine not doing this. No matter what the outcome, the emptiness of not writing far out weighs possible failure…and isn’t that exhilarating?

“The first taste Let it begin, heaven cannot wait forever Start the chase; I'll let you win But you must make the endeavor"

This last part is like the voice of the divine and reminds me of the quote “Be bold and great forces will come to your aid.” Cheers to hoping…and praying!

Before I go I’d like to share the first taste of Keeper of the Way with you and invite you to share a taste of your first books too. Happy Releases!

taken from KEEPER OF THE WAY

10:15 PM

Dragon thorns were very efficient, Nia’Mora mused. She would be dead from poison-induced paralysis in a matter of heartbeats. And she felt no pain…nothing…other than the agony of her bond-mate. Tears splashed against the cold amber floors beneath her cheek. If not for that, death would be almost pleasant. It was all so clear now, but she wasn’t shown her entire life, as she’d come to expect. Instead, the flickering images replayed only this: her final day…

For more Keeper of the Way, the blurb and an excerpt please visit Red Rose Publishing.


Debra Kayn said...

What an awesome post. I know everyone ohh and aww's over your cover, but putting that darling baby up there at the beginning will grab a lot of attention. What a sweetie, and lucky you to have her for the day.

I'm virtually holding your hand (and Fiona's too) as we go through this exciting time. :-)

Obe said...

Yes great post, great excerpt, great cover. You are on a roll. Hang in and I hope you have many sales.

Fiona Vance said...
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Fiona Vance said...

I'm so excited I could wet my diaper :-)

And I've been worrying about the same things... what if no one likes my baby? What if she talks funny, but her jokes aren't? What if she's... boring?

Sigh. I can always blame my editor. :-) (Just kidding, Emmy! *mwah!*)

And that's a marvelous cover, Sherin... what a talent!

Here's to the new triplets, due date: June 4! Fiona Vance, Debra Kayne, and Sherin Dubin! More birthday partyage to come! *blows noisemaker and throws confetti!*

Fiona :-)

Pat McDermott said...

Good things come in threes! Sherin, your story sounds great, and the cover is awesome. Congrats on the release! And keep those stories coming.

Shirin Dubbin said...

Debra, Isn't she too cute? I miss her already. She's was my writing partner today.

BTW I'm squeezing that hand you offered!

Nancy, Thank you so much! I will do. Cheers to hoping! Oh, and you've inspired me to delve into actual history more. I usually stick to mythology and folklore but there's so much richness in reality. Thank you for that too.

Fiona, Keep it together! *giggle* I'm done changing nappies/diapers for the day. GMAO (Emmy, I didn't say it. It was Fiona. I've been good all day)Thank you for all the luv! Here's to The J4 Triplets =pours the champagne= and welcome aboard the good ship Love Vixen. We're happy to have you!

Pat, I know you must be right because my mom says the same thing and when you hear something from two smart ladies you best take heed! Thank you on all fronts! I'll keep at it...

M.E Ellis said...

And I've been worrying about the same things... what if no one likes my baby? What if she talks funny, but her jokes aren't? What if she's... boring?Fiona, do you want a slap?

Good luck to you all. You're all lovely ladies, very talented, and deserve your spotlight time.

*runs off, all emotional*


Deadlier Than the Male said...

FANTASTIC!! I swear every time I read your writing it gets better and better! It's like watching a baby grow and being amazed by all of the things that he/she can do and the wonderment they get from that new experience. I love it. And Brielle is a doll. How gorgeous!!!