06 May 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today is my birthday. I hate to limit my good birthday vibes to just one day so I take the entire month of May. I always buy myself a new book to celebrate my birthday. This used to be common- parents, grandparents and even siblings would buy a book, write a short note on the front page, date and sign it. I'm wondering what happened to this once commonplace practice...

I find these long-forgotten books in thrift stores, at the local Goodwill, and even at yard sales. I don't get rid of books and I'm a sentimental person so you can imagine how I feel when I see that someone has carelessly discarded a book that was fully intended to be a lifelong gift. Okay, I understand that everyone can't keep everything ever given to them. (Although my mother doesn't understand that and will give me an evil glare if I put anything she's ever given me in a garage sale!) But aren't books still special to you?

I urge all of you to revive this practice and give a younger, or older, member of your circle of family and friends a book- inscribed and signed. Keep in mind that ebooks could work for this as well. Start a new trend...

 I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they appreciate it. If nothing else you've introduced a dying tradition that should never be forgotten!

Kissa Starling


Cara Preston said...

Happy Birthday Kissa! I hope you have a great month. Buying yourself a book for your birthday is a wonderful idea. My book purchase this month was the book, The Shack. Which book did you buy most recently?
a.k.a. Cara Preston, co-author of Pickup Lines from a Pickup Truck
by Red Rose Publishing

Kissa Starling said...

Hey Cara!

The most recent book I bought was The Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2009. I bought it from a feminist bookstore in Atlanta and just that was an experience.

The last ebook I bought was Pleasure After the Pain by Savannah Chase. There are so many great Red Rose titles I can't keep up!