15 May 2009


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Not every woman who rides the fertility treatment roller coaster winds up like Octomom.

In Double Out and Back by Lisa Lipkind Leibow, three women's lives are intricately intertwined, as Amelia Schwartz and Summer Curtis struggle with the complex dynamics of intrafamily embryo adoption, and Chandy Markum strives to make her patients' dreams a reality.

After more than a decade, anal-retentive Amelia Schwartz finally stops mourning her parents and decides to pursue single motherhood via embryo adoption. Her fertility doctor, Chandy Markum, is preoccupied with the loss of the cosmopolitan Cape Town of her youth and her first love in apartheid-torn South Africa. Summer Curtis, Amelia's niece, a young, married, overachieving attorney, juggles zealous career ambitions, demanding bosses, and friction with her husband over family and fertility issues. They must confront the painful reality that, no matter what technology humans devise to manipulate reproduction, prolong life, and construct family units, they have not yet mastered control over their beginnings and endings.

Lisa Lipkind Leibow’s debut novel Double Out and Back is coming soon in 2009 from Red Rose Publishing. It is mainstream fiction with strong romantic elements.

If you would like to learn more about Lisa and her upcoming novel visit her at http://www.llleibow.com/


Obe said...

Excellent post and exciting concept. As one of those moms who went through the fertility pills and shots, I look forward to reading this. Excellent.

Catherine said...

Intriguing premise. No matter how much science intervenes happy endings are not guaranteed. Eager to read this!

Ello said...

You had me at intrafamily embroyo adoption! No seriously, that is absolutely fascinating and I happen to know Lisa is an amazing writer so I CAN'T WAIT TIL THIS COMES OUT!!!!