18 May 2009


I titled this blog 'Time' because I need more of it. But don't we all, if anyone's figured it out please blog about it. Then I've got to find time to read the blog. Isn't it funny how we always seem to lose time, but never recapture it. So if we never get it back why do we say we lost it? Losing something implies it was proprietary to begin with, which time never is, and gives us a false sense of hope.

Right now I've got just enough time to talk about something coming soon from Red Rose that I've been working on with my good friend and wonderful writer, Stephanie Williams. Stephanie and I created The Three Sisters Series. It's what else? The story of 3 sisters, 3 very different sisters, so 3 very different stories.

The first story, RINGSIDE, written by Stephanie Williams and myself is about the youngest sister, Atlanta. At 25 Atlanta has had more jobs than she has fingers, unlike her successful older sisters, she's still trying to figure things out. Then she reads this self help book written by an older woman, or so she thinks.

This first book in the series will be released soon, we're hoping for within the next week or so.

The second book is NORTHERN EXPOSURE by Stephanie Williams about Brittany, the globetrotting middle sister, and the third book is written by me, LaVerne Thompson, MASQUERADE, Sydney's story, the eldest sister. Searching for someone to look beyond her facade.

So keep an eye out for these stories, and also if you've got any tips on how to add more time in a day. I really really need another 60 minutes.

LaVerne Thompson


IR LOVER said...

You only need another 60 Minutes? I need a whole 24 hours! LOL!

Stephanie Williams

Isis™ said...

I was trying not to be greedy. LOL