17 March 2009

Buy a Green Book for Saint Patty's!

It's Saint Patty's day so buy a green book!!!! My fun loving romantic suspense, Dancing With Tad, is available in either print or ebook...either way it's about as green as you can get!

Something strange is going on in Grooster, Indiana. Nightly Satanic rituals in the park and the infusion of drugs into the community have everyone on edge. When Clancy Rogers tries to find out what’s going on she bumps up against a weird and wacky cast of characters, including a palm raping psychic, an irreverent reporterette with serious fashion hang-ups, and a local veterinarian who looks like he was dropped to Earth from the planet Zorgon and holds conversations with his patients on a regular basis. Add to this mix a guy who looks really hot in tight jeans and scuffed boots, but who unfortunately likes to follow all the rules Clancy keeps stomping on, and you have trouble in Grooster with a capital T…a…d!


Happy St Patrick's Day everybody!!!

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